Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Busy and Eventful Day!

I check my instruments and notice I'm climbing slightly so I push the yoke forward until I level off at 4500 feet. I scan the sky for any other aircraft and then glance back at my GPS screen to make sure I'm on course. Jason, still pilot in command, gives me instructions through my headset and I carefully follow his commands.

There's really nothing like flying and I love it! Long before Jason was even interested in becoming a pilot I always had the dream to fly small airplanes and although I may have taken a roundabout route of realizing my dream, I love the fact that I can fly.

This morning we had left the house early and after an uneventful drive through quiet streets we arrived at the Port au Prince domestic terminal. At the MAF hangar Jason got to work completing his checklists, and then Mom, Dad and I helped push the plane onto the tarmac.

After the suitcases of donated items had been loaded, I got to work strapping Jayden in and getting his headset working. He felt quite important wearing his own headset.

Haiti from above is beautiful and I enjoyed the breath taking scenery until the Island of La Gonave came into sight.

Once we had landed, we were met by Jonas, the caretaker of the airstrip. Jason gave him a Creole Bible, something he didn't have and something for which he was very thankful.

It didn't take long for the suitcases to be unloaded and Mom, Dad, Jason and I were soon working on organizing the clothing for the distribution.

Lefils, our airstrip agent had planned in advance for 40 children to come and receive clothing, coloring books and snacks. It didn't take long for the group of 40 children to grow into a crowd of one hundred but we thankfully had something for everyone.

Two hours later, we were finished and we flew to our next destination, Fond des blancs. On the way we flew over this remarkable Island.

Only open since just after the earthquake, Fond des Blancs, is one of MAF Haiti's most difficult strips.

I was glad when my two feet were on the ground there!

In Fond Des Blancs, Jean Thomas and his wife Joy had organized a food for work for program, and donors back in Canada had donated money for the food. Our job now was to deliver the money and help distribute the rice, beans and oil.
After a delicious lunch prepared by Joy Thomas, and a little soccer that Jayden really enjoyed,

we drove to the church where the distribution was held.
Sacks of rice and beans had been poured onto tarps and it was our job now to divide them up into individual portions. It was special to see 3 generations of Kruls hard at work, bagging rice.

Once we had a considerable amount bagged. All 100 people who had participated in the food for work program came with empty rice sacks, black bags or pillow cases to collect their food.

Thank you to all those who donated money to pay for the food. I saw for myself how much they appreciated it!
Once the food distribution was completed we drove back to the Thomas' home, and from there to the airport.
The landing strip still looked just as intimidating the second time around,

but I soon learned, watching Jason,

that it's easier to take off from there then land.
Now still level at 4500 feet, I continue to check my instruments to make sure everything is okay. When I take a break and peak over my shoulder, I notice my boy is sound asleep.

It's been a busy and eventful day!

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  1. Way to go Will! You're much more brave than I am, we're proud of you though. Thanks for posting the pictures, it's so neat to see "our own people" over there!

    Thanks again for the stories and pictures.

    Love Henry and Jenny