Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome Jocemine

Hi everyone! Here is the latest picture taken of Anoud and Denise's baby girl. On Monday she will be two weeks old already! She is very healthy and both her and Denise are doing very well. I take every chance I get to hold her. She's also a lot of fun to sew for and I've already made a little skirt (she's wearing it but you can't see it on the picture) and the matching headband. They've named her Jocemine, in English it could be translated as Jasmine. Please keep this young family in your prayers.


  1. Good job Will. Did Denise like it. I like the birth announcement that you made. I also printed some pctures of the baby that I will send up for Denise.
    Love Mom

  2. 1) I think so too Esther! Miss you girl! Start saving and come again!
    2) Hi Mom, Yes Denise really liked the photos and the birth announcement too. Thanks for printing them out! Denise and Arnoud will be very happy!