Saturday, August 22, 2009

First haircuts!

I just thought it would be cute to share the pictures of Nicholas and Sabboule's first haircuts. Nicholas will be 4 in September and Sabboule turned 2 in May. In the past Denise would spend hours every week washing, combing and braiding the boys' hair, but a few days ago she had jokingly said. "Since I have a little girl now, I don't need to spend all that time braiding the boys' hair anymore! So time to cut it!"

Since Nicholas hopes to start school again soon, they decided that he could have a special trip to the barber! He was quite excited about that. I cut Sabboule's hair. Here are the pictures.

Sabboule before his haircut.

After.. a shy little cutie!

Nicholas before his haircut.

After.. can hardly recognize him back!


  1. Good job Will.
    Now maybe Jason will let you cut his hair now that you can practice on the boys. Boy do they ever look different, but looks good and will be alot cooler.

  2. ...and a lot less work for Mom (Denise) too!

    Keep up the posting Jay and Will. We love to read them and our kids enjoy them too. It's good learning for them as well. "You know in Haiti, where Jason and Will are..." is as close as we get to experiencing these things right now. Our latest lesson involved food: when they begin to complain about not liking something they've been served we just have to ask "Would you like rice and beans every day?!" and that's the end of it!

  3. Hugs and kisses from Gemma and Carlye! We can't wait to start preschool and Gr. 1 next Tuesday!

    Love Gemma and Carlye