Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Obama & Bampa

Dear Obama & Bampa (Grandma & Grandpa)

How are you doing? I am doing fine. I do miss you though! It was very fun having you here!

I just want you to know how much I like the stools you bought. You see, Mommy thinks I should sit in my hair chair, but I think high chairs are for babies. I am not a baby anymore, except when Mommy holds baby Jocemine and then I have to remind her that I AM her baby and she shouldn't be holding other babies. I don't like that one bit! So, except for those times, I really am a big boy, way to big for a silly high chair.

Now when I am hungry I climb op on one of the stools instead. I do have some bruises from failed attempts, but that's no big deal, I think. Mommy doesn't like it, but you bought them for me to sit on didn't you? I keep trying to tell her this but she just shakes her head and does one of those big sighs.... So, maybe can you just write her and tell her I am big enough to sit up there and eat my breakfast and snacks by myself?! And that she doesn't have to feed me either! She still tries to do that once in a while too!! It gets very annoying.

Please Obama and Bampa can you tell her? That would be most helpful.

Love, your sweet Grandson, Jayden (aka Dennis the Menace)


  1. Hello Will, thats so cute, He sure is growing fast!
    Glad to see alls well!! Take care and Hi to Jay

  2. Dear Jayden
    We actually bought the stools for your mommy and daddy, but it's okay for you to use them also, but you have to be very careful not to fall because you can hurt yourself on the tlie floor, and yes your mommy does like to help feed you when you don't feel like eating, so if you want to be a big boy you can sit on the stool and eat you whole supper and not throw it on the floor, you make your mommy work tooooo hard cleaning up after you. We also do miss you alot, also say hi to the baby and give Nicola and Subole a big hug from Obama!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you lots hugs and kisses GRADMA1111111

  3. Hi Jayden,
    I can totally understand what you mean about sitting on a big chair! I do not like my highchair either. I always stand up and balance on the tray, then my mom will take me out. Then I can run and climb onto a big chair real quick. If you want to eat by yourself, you have to eat real nice at first, and then when no one is looking, then make your mess. That way your mom won't know who made the mess. :) Otherwise she will feed you like a baby and keep you all clean! :( that is really no fun at all.
    I miss you!
    Love Kaelie (and Tais, but he is helping Dad outside)

  4. You guys are all awesome!

  5. Hi Jayden... we have been told so many times by our Mommy to stay sitting at the table, but sometimes there are just too many things to see and show, and it is so easy to get off the table when you just sit in chairs... sometimes our Mommy says she is going to tie us in booster seats again, but we are too big so that won't work. Jayden, did you know that I (Gemma) turned six on Saturday? I am a very spoiled girl my mommy says and today I am having some friends over from school for a party. I promised Mommy I would let Carlye play with us, since yesterday she was crying in Mommy's lap and said she "was having the saddest day ever" and "never gets any presents" and "was feeling left out" Poor little thing... it all sounded so tragic!

    Anyway, we better get going we are having swimming lessons again, which we love! And we remember all the things you taught us in Grandma's pool, Auntie Will! Bye!

    Love Gemma & Carlye

  6. 1) Hi Lena! Yes he sure is growing up fast! Thanks for the comment!
    2) Thanks for straightening that out Grandma! Jayden has gotten much better about sitting on the stools and doesn't fall off anymore! He also has a much bigger appetite since you left so I think he must be going through a growth spurt! We did decide to put his crib back up though and all of us have gotten much better sleep since then! No more banging on the door at 2:00 a.m. And don't worry about Nicolas, Sabboule and Jocemine! They get lots of hugs from us!
    3) Hey Kales! How are you? I'm glad I'm not the only one going through all this, with adults who just don't understand! Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try them out. I miss you and your big brother too! Love Jayden
    4) Hi, thanks Jenny!
    5) Hey Gemma and Carlye!
    I bet you are really big now! It's been a while since I've seen you! Also Happy Birthday! Six already? You are way older then me, so that means you are a very big girl! It's nice that you let Carlye play at your party too. Cool that you are having swimming lessons! Mommy teaches me too and now I can swim all by myself (with my little arm floaties on) back and forth from one end of the pool to the other. My mommy hopes to call your mommy soon because she says it would be fun to chat! Love you, bye! xox Jayden