Monday, September 1, 2014


Team Journal 6 
by Stephan H. 

August 17 
Church in Anse Rouge is a different experience. The morning service is scheduled to begin at 9:30 but in reality begins later as attendants continue to trickle in until 9:50! It is obvious from looking around that the roughly 100 people in the simple building are dressed in their “Sunday clothes”. 

Accompanied by a variety of musical instruments, the service begins with the congregation singing a number of hymns. In between, a few words are spoken to introduce the songs. 

After prayer we are welcomed by the one who leads the service. Although he repeatedly expresses his appreciation that we are here, he reminds his audience that it is not about us doing the work, God deserves all the honour. As he preaches he sometimes asks a questions and then the whole congregation responds. The entire service is in Creole and lasts about one hour and 15 minutes. Before the attendants returns to theirs huts and homes they shake hands and greet each other. 

We return to the mission for lunch where Judy, the cofounder of Lemuel, tells us about the religious changes that have taken place. About fifteen years ago Christians were hardly found in this area. Although this had changed, the connection with voodoo is still strong, even among regular church attendants. People often believe they've been cursed when difficulties and hardships come their way. Lifting these curses can only be done by offering sacrifices to appease the spirits. Judy also tells us that there are only a few that she considers true Christians. General Biblical knowledge is incredibly low and many people have a different view on what being a Christian really is. Some are satisfied with going to church once a week, while others go to church while living a life that does not corresponds with what the Bible teaches. Yet others view church attendance as an opportunity to meet others. 

Unfortunately, the notion of a personal salvation through Christ is often not fully grasped. 

In the afternoon we listened to a CD sermon by Rev. Roos on Romans 12 verse 12: a remarkable call in times of tribulation. This sermon was preached before in Chilliwack in May 2010.

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