Monday, September 15, 2014

A Thank You Letter from Lemuel Ministries

Dear Jason 

I would like to personally thank you and the group from B.C. for the donated project funds and the work done in the school building to prepare for the start of school. Honestly, as the beginning of this school year was approaching, I did not know or see any way I was going to get the school ready for the children to enter for the year. Your project was a direct answer to prayer. 

Here are the things that your project accomplished: 
• The floors and walls of the school offices are finished. 
• The school offices have doors and windows, as well as chairs. 
• The classrooms have floors, as does the porch outside the classrooms. 
• Each classroom has a freshly painted blackboard attached to the wall. 
• The temporary kindergarten room got a coat of cement on the walls. 
• Tables and chairs for the kindergarten were repaired and painted in beautiful, bright colors. 
• In a moment of immediate need, the school was able to temporarily borrow money from the project to purchase the material for the children’s uniforms. This money was reimbursed through the parents’ purchase of uniforms from the school. 
• Men from the community found temporary employment, which gives them the means they need to put their children in school. 

This week, as we finalized preparations for the new school year, the school children’s parents gathered to clean up the job sites and the school yard. We are so grateful to God for his provision, and we are grateful to you and the team for being a part of what he is doing here on the Plateau. 

May God bless you, 
Manis Dilus

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