Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to the Capital

Team Journal 8
by Jarin V. 

August 19 
7:00 a.m. - Cock a doodle do! I awake to the sounds of crowing roosters. No need for alarm clocks here! While the rest of the group stays in bed to catch a few more winks of sleep I scramble for a light and get ready for the new day. 

7:30 - We approach the gazebo and are greeted by some friendly Haitian staff. Breakfast is ready and consists of some delicious Haitian coffee, freshly baked bread, peanut butter, cornflakes and milk. 

8:30 – The sun beats down on us as we make our way to the school to finish the windows in the main office room. 

11:00 - We head back to the gazebo for an early lunch. Our MAF plane will be picking us up soon so we need to be ready. Lunch is delicious! It consists of white rice and a red sauce with onions and pieces of goat meat. To drink there are choices of cold water, fruit juice and pop. 

11:30 – As we pack our bags we hear the roar of the MAF plane circling overhead. The airplane attracts many people who come to say goodbye to us. Saying goodbye to our new friends is not easy. Hopefully I can return again some day. 

12:45 p.m. – Seated in the airplane with our seat belts securely fastened we wait for takeoff. Soon we are up in the air soaring over land and water. After about 40 minutes we land in Port au Prince. There we are escorted to a waiting taxi who brings us back to Jason and Will’s place. We are greeted with a smile, some banana loaf and cold drinks! 

3:30 - The group, being warm and sticky are given the privilege to go to a hotel for a swim. It is great cooling down and playing pool games together! We then eat dinner; burgers or sandwiches and fries. 

7:30 -  Darkness falls and the temperatures drop as a thunder shower passes over. It's been another interesting day! 

 Some Pictures 

 Men in the village, hard at work.

Boys' sleeping quarters.

MAF's caravan.

Haiti from above.

Salt flats.

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