Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thursday in Anse Rouge

Team Journal 3 
By Karen P. 

August 14 
Breakfast was served in the gazebo at 7:30 a.m.. Forty five minutes later we headed to the school where the guys continued to work on the window openings and  the girls started painting wooden chairs for the school. 

After a short break Christoph and Jarin took a sledge hammer to make a door opening in one of the walls; a very dusty job! Maria and I also took turns swinging the hammer! 

Meanwhile Henk, Jake and Stephan put together the window frames. Please note that it was 42 degrees Celsius while doing this! 

In the evening we split up into three groups and went out into the surrounding communities. It was really interesting to see how people lived in mud huts and cooked their dinners over a fire. 

It was also amazing how happy these people seemed even though they had next to nothing. Many of the children were running around half dressed. I guess if they don’t wear much there’s not much laundry to do either! 

Before supper we joined in with the soccer game again. We also took a group picture together with all the Haitian players! 

Supper that evening was spaghetti; which was very delicious! We ended the night playing Apples to Apples for an hour or two. 

The Day in Pictures. 

 Kids on the edge of the runway in the early morning.

Haitian ladies checking out the 'ti blan,' possibly the first white baby they've seen in their life! They soon discover that other than a slightly lighter hue, he is just like any other baby.

Working together.

Jacob levelling a board for the window casings.

Freshly painted chairs.

MAF plane picking up Will, Lydia and Alexander.

Alexander, waiting for the MAF plane to prepare for take off.

An evening stroll.

The highway.

Pack mule.

Bags of charcoal.

A hermit crab taking a walk. The ocean is not that far away.

Visiting people's homes.

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