Monday, August 11, 2014

Our time in Canada

Hi, I'm Jayden and I want to share a little about our time in Canada!

My Mom has been so busy with my new baby brother she hasn't had much time to write since he was born! 

But, even though my Mom was busy, and Dad had to spend a lot of time flat on his back due to his accident, my brother and I still had a grand time!

We played in parks.


Hung out with cousins.

Learned how to fish.

Visited a pet auction.

Went for walks.

Ran through fields of daisies.

And watched Canadian geese and their babies swim in the lake.

Some nights, my brother and I would share a chair while the sun set around us. 

The golden colours were beautiful to see.

Four days before my 7the birthday we welcomed our baby brother, Alexander.

He was very cute! 

Then, on June 6, we celebrated my 7th Birthday with a pizza dinner,

presents in the park, 

and a pirate party.

Before Dad's accident he took me on a ride and we spent time exploring the beautiful outdoors.

Canada is a beautiful country and there were lots of beautiful sights to see as we walked, biked and drove.

I also spent time catching fish, frogs and butterflies with a net. 

This butterfly was just sitting on a reed.

After letting it crawl up on my hand, I lifted it high and let it fly away.

At nights, instead of going to bed at 7:30 p.m. like I do during the school year, Mom and Dad let me stay up and watch the sky change colours,

the sun set,

And the moon rise.

It was very beautiful to see!

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  1. Very Nice story!!!!

    You are doing great Willemien!

    Dearest greetings from us.

    Margreet Arie cousins