Saturday, June 1, 2013

Worry About Nothing, Pray About Everything

Friday, May 31, 2013 

The fan beside my bed makes a final rotation before coming to a complete stop. In the unnatural silence I stir and waken from my restless sleep. Reaching out with my hand I feel for the ipad on our makeshift night stand. (Rubbermaid totes have multiple uses here in Haiti!) My mind, still numb with sleep, momentarily forgets how to activate the display. When the screen does finally light up it’s 5:48 a.m.. 

Laying it back down I take a moment to absorb the stillness. With summer quickly approaching there’s very few times when a fan is not blowing somewhere nearby. 

As I lay there the events of the previous afternoon come rushing back. At 5:00 p.m. when I had just finished peeling a large carrot and three potatoes for dinner, my cell phone had rang. Seeing Jason’s name light up on the call display I eagerly answered it. Today was his first day back at work since the previous Wednesday when his back pain had started, and it had been a very busy day for him so far. 

Anticipating to hear that he was finished flying and on his way home I gave him a cheery hello. 

“Hey Will, do you mind if two pilots from MFI (Missionary Flights International) stay over at our house tonight? They were delayed flying into Port au Prince from Florida due to weather and now it’s too late to fly back. “ 

“Sure, that’s no problem.” I responded quickly. “I will get the guestroom ready.” 

“Oh, and the team of 8 they were supposed to take back to Florida doesn’t have anywhere to stay tonight either. I’ve tried calling several guest houses, but they were all full due to the delays in departures from the UN airplane that crashed off the runway on Sunday. Is it okay if they stay at our house too?” Not waiting to hear my reply he rushed on; “Well, I already told them yes, and we’re on our way right now!” 

Laughing I shook my head. “Okay, we will make it work!” 

“Oh and you don’t have to worry about cooking dinner. I’ve arranged for all of us to eat out!” 

“Okay, great! I will get the kids ready and hope to see you soon.” 

An hour and a half later we were all sitting at a restaurant, but along the way our numbers had continued to grow and now there were 18 of us. Anywhere else in the world that may not be such a big deal, but with a group this size in Haiti you could anticipate some delays. 

The atmosphere was nice, the company enjoyable and our two boys well behaved so finishing at 9:00 p.m. was not a problem, except for one thing; I had hoped to stop by Eagle market to purchase some food for breakfast, but by now it was closed. Driving past the gates of the grocery store I silently prayed that God would somehow make the food we had be enough. Remembering the miracle of how the 5 loaves and 2 fish had fed 5,000 people, I felt a sense of peace come over me. 

Once at home I quickly got to work giving our guests a quick tour and orientation about where to find clean drinking water, cups, etc. Then I pulled out mattresses, pillows and sheet sets for everyone. That night, as I was getting ready for bed, I suddenly remembered that there might be some packages of oatmeal and granola bars in a suitcase that one of our previous teams had left behind. 

Crawling out of bed, I slid open the door to the suitcase storage area. “What are you doing Will?” Jason mumbled sleepily. “I just thought of something,” I replied. Zipping open a small red suitcase I was rewarded with a ration of at least 20 granola bars. I also counted 8 packages of instant oatmeal. With the two I still had in my pantry, I now had one for each of our guests. Thanking God, I crawled back into bed and fell into a fitful sleep. 

Now, hearing our house guests begin to stir, I roll out of bed. Using the ipad as a 21st century candle, I lift it up to illuminate my way to the closet. I slip on some old clothes and grab my glasses, then head out of the master bedroom into the hallway. Hearing Justin cry, I scoop him out of bed and carry him on my hip. After starting the generator, all the while cradling Justin and praying we won’t run out of diesel, I head to the kitchen to set out the cups, bowls, spoons, oatmeal packages, granola bars and a container of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that I had baked the day before for the ladies Bible study later this morning. 

Look up at the wall I once again read the words I had written there several months ago: ‘Worry about nothing, pray about everything'; a reminder from Phil 4:6 (Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.) 

By the time everyone had eaten and was full I was amazed that there still was food left! The generator which had not been filled in a long time didn’t run out of fuel either. Once again God had provided.

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