Monday, July 12, 2010

The Beach!

Wind in my hair

Sun on my face

Eye catching beauty

My favourite place

Turquoise ocean sparkling

Beckoning to me

I slip off my sandals

And dip my toes into the sea

Who wants to sleep

In such a wonderful place?

I dive into the ocean

Salt water hits my face

When Jayden is done napping

He splashes in the pool

He loves to swim just like his Mom

The water sure feels cool

Chocolate cake, something Jayden enjoys

Two plates later he is quite full

Sleepy again he leans back in his chair

Too much cake has taken its toll

The beautiful beach

What a fun place to be

Jayden laughs

As bubbles float out to sea

Baskets of fish

Are caught in the sea

Men show us their findings

It's interesting to see

We snorkel through coral
and see bright coloured fish
Walking back on the sand
I rescue a starfish

Paintings and pictures

Breath taking weather

Brilliant colours

Blending together

Memories made

Joy and pleasure

Time with my cousin and friend

Are moments I’ll treasure!


  1. Hey will really cute blog !!! Glad ur Gavin a good time we are missing u here on the beach in oroville Love u The family

  2. Very poetic... I love it! very nice blog, as always! God bless!

  3. Jayden looks very FULL on that picture just after he ate cake!! CUTE!!!jhagress