Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Special Guests!

I adjust the picture frames one last time before looking around the room in satisfaction. Both guestrooms are ready! The curtains have been washed and ironed, sheets washed, blankets washed, floors swept and mopped, windows and screens carefully cleaned, cupboards re-arranged and fresh towels placed on the beds.

It should only be a few more hours now before my cousin Marin, from Holland and her friend Robert are here. For the last hours Jayden has been practicing their names and when at last he still can’t say “Marin” correctly, I tell him just to say “Mary” instead. I know she won’t mind and he seems much relieved at the suggestion. “Mary is going to sleep in your bedroom Jayden,” I tell him again and he still looks a little worried about this. To get him used to the idea I had re-arranged his bedroom a week ago already and I now point to the extra bed.

Finally he nods, apparently accepting the idea. “I give Robert Salty,’ he says, referring to one of Thomas the Trains friends. “I’m sure he will like that,” I tell him smiling and Jayden now seems quite excited about the idea. I check the bathroom one more time and am happy to notice it's ready as well. The guests will share a bathroom with Jayden as you can tell from the decorations!

My thoughts turn to the three weeks ahead and I can’t help but get excited! We plan to visit the village, help out at the orphanage, shop at the markets and spend two days at an amazing beach! I’m also looking forward to spending time with my cousin again, since it’s been five years!

Keep checking for updates!

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  1. So here I am, sitting on a chair near the open window, leaving a comment on my cousin's blog, who is usually on a 7500-kilometer distance, but who is now watching the expression on my face as I read the blog. She probably does notice the unbelief on my face when I read she washed the curtains because we were coming! And she cannot miss the smiles on my face caused by me thinking back to the time we spent five years ago, and to this afternoon when I was introduced to many of Jayden's named trains. The excitement on my face when thinking of all the things planned for the next three weeks is also very obvious... It's so good to finally be here!