Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A snapshot. A moment in time. A memory made.

"What are you doing Jayden? Is Marin playing trains with you?" “Go away Mama! Go AWAY Mama! You go on the computer.” I can’t believe my ears! Honestly, he is SUCH a Mommy’s boy! Now, in less than 24 hours I’ve been replaced! It’s simple really. Marin is very enthusiastically playing with his Thomas the Train and learning all about Thomas’ friends, so who needs Mom right? I might as well go and enjoy my time on the computer!!

Did I say fickle? The sun is hot, we’re sitting outside and enjoying my first attempts at a Haitian meat pie called pate. It turned out quite nicely and looks delicious too!

Now less than an hour later the skies have changed from a bright blue to a stormy gray, just when we’re swimming of course.

But if you’re wet already who really cares if it rains right? I pull myself under water and then come up laughing as cold, wet rain dances on my exposed face. I love rain here and agree with my cousin when she says “Rain in Haiti makes me want to go stand outside and get soaking wet!” Now it’s just perfect because with our swimsuits on we’re dressed for it too! “On our walk home we will just put a little shampoo in our hair and shower off!” I joke to Marin and Robert. But ten minutes later the clouds have moved on and the sun shines again! Fickle!

Meee!! Meee!! The goat looks a little hungry so we pick some leaves off of the tree for it.

Who needs a petting zoo when you can just walk down the street and enjoy all kinds of animals? Goats, cows, chickens, dogs, you name it, they are probably tied to a gate or wandering loose and would love some attention!

Snapshots. Moments in time. Memories made.

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