Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three years!

September 8, 2006, our wedding date!

It's now three years later and I'd like to spend a little time just remembering that special day.

I remember waking up early that morning and noticing that the sun hadn't come up yet. Was it going to be a beautiful day? I sure hoped so. I remember quickly jumping out of bed, to excited to eat, and then after getting dressed driving to the hairdressers in my Dad's van.

My maid of honour and sister, Gloria, and my bridesmaid and sister in law to be, Esther, joined me there. I remember that by the time my hair was done and I pulled into my parents driveway, Jason was already there slowly circling the block. I had all of 2 minutes to put my dress, veil and shoes on, before he was anxiously ringing the door bell. I remember driving the old fashioned fire truck all around town, and having everyone honk and wave at us! I remember arriving at the airport only to find out that Jason had forgotten his keys for the airplane. Jason's Dad was quickly called and saved the day! We flew to a small landing strip by a golf course on Rowena's Inn on the River, and had pictures taken there.

I love to fly so it was just perfect! We then drove to Minter Gardens met the bridal party there and had pictures taken as we enjoyed the beautiful gardens.

It was the first time I had ever been there, I wanted it to be special, but looking back now I actually don't really remember what it looked like. I guess, I was to busy floating on air and excited about the wedding to really completely enjoy the beauty there. So, I definitely want to go back and see what I missed!

I remember getting so hungry we finally went through a Tim Hortons drive thru, before we arrived at our apartment amenity room to eat lunch. I guess that's what you get for skipping breakfast!

After a delicious lunch with family, and more pictures it was time to drive to the church. I can still remember the old fire truck stalling at the big intersection on Yale Road and then not being able to get it started again. We must have been quite a sight, but in no time people jumped out of their cars and helped push start the vehicle. I remember sitting nervously in the little back room of the church before the wedding, waiting to walk down the aisle. I remember the wedding service's message "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." and I remember Jay starting to get nervous and stumbling over his vows. (You did Jay!) I remember after saying them not feeling any different! (Aren't you supposed to feel different after you're married?!) I remember after the service getting a ride in a "real" fire truck! Which was really cool!

I remember the fun reception with its skits, songs and games, and how fortunate we were to be able to celebrate it with family and friends!

And finally I remember driving home to our cute little apartment with my wonderful husband Jay! It was really an awesome day, one I will never forget!


  1. Awwww...what a beautiful day it sounds like...and beautiful pictures.

    Sounds like there are some Dutch traditions in there, too!

    Happy Anniversary to both of you. May God bless and guide your marriage!

  2. congrats with your anniversary!... we were just looking at some pictures of when you guys came and we visited you in Guelph.... Jayden was only about 3 months old I think! take care... love anita

  3. Yes Will it was a wonderful day. It just seemed like it was yesterday, where has the time gone, but also thanking our gracious God for sparing you both with Jayden thus far and that you may look to Him for all your needs and cares especially when things don't go the way we want (like last week)then I wished we could of helped you or that you were here in Chilliwack. Count your blessing ans name them one by one. Hope you may have many more years together as family, have a nice evening together. Love Mom

  4. Congratultions on this special day! Enjoyed the picture memories! May God bless you both and grant you many more years together with health and strength for the work your doing.
    Love Bill Joyce and family

  5. Congrats on your anniversary! These are the first pics I see of your wedding, except for the one on the Thank You Card! They are lovely, it sounds like a wonderful memory... too bad I couldn't be there. Wishing you all the best and many more happy years together!
    Love, Mary

  6. Happy Anniversary to both of you.

    Love Ang

  7. Congratulations Willemien & Jason!
    We liked it to read your blog and to see the pictures.
    Love Dad & Mom

  8. Happy anniversary and I'm glad that you still look back at that day and think ... what a wonderful day, admits all the business! Love you guys

  9. oops we almost forgot about your anniversary!!! We wish you health and happiness together! i guess Holland is just too much on my mind!!...... call me for more updates!!!

    Love the Ter Haars from Rosedale! Petra and Martyn :)