Friday, September 4, 2009

Krazy Glue!

August 23

I cut into a giant juicy watermelon with my "forever sharp" kitchen knife and wince in pain. I jerk my left hand away and watch in horror as bright red blood squirts out of my thumb. The cut is deep and the blood is flowing fast. "Jay," I yell, "come here". Hearing the pain in my voice, he comes running and surveys the damage. "Put some pressure on it", he says "and keep it elevated." Didn't you learn that in life guarding?" he teases. Never one to easily panic he escorts me to the bathroom where we keep our first aid supplies and starts pulling out the Hydrogen Peroxide. "Mama, big owies!" Mama big owies!" Mama kying." A worried Jayden hovers over me keeping a running commentary. I hunch over the sink as waves of dizziness, roll over me. What a wimp I am anyway? It's just a little cut, I tell myself. Never the less I close my eyes until the dizziness passes. Even though I'm applying pressure the blood is still coming out fast. Jason quickly cleans the cut, it's almost half way through my thumb, and then works on bandaging it up. Although it's quite painful, once the cut is bandaged and everything is neatly cleaned up, I start to feel better.

August 27

It's four days later and the cut still hasn't closed. Thankfully it's no longer bleeding and I've been careful about cleaning it out every day, but no matter what I try the cut remains a gaping crack.

August 29

"I really don't want stitches Jay, but my thumb can't just stay open like this." Jason's given someone stitches in his hand here before, but without anything for the pain, I'm not at all excited about the prospect. " I have an idea," he says. I read somewhere that you can crazy glue your cut closed if it doesn't close on its own. Maybe you should try that." "No way", I reply. "There is no way I am gluing my thumb shut!"

August 30

It's been over a week now and my cut is still open. I've tried wrapping it tightly in bandages, which only caused the skin to go white, moist and dead looking. I've tried wrapping it in breathable fabric cloth, but the cloth just kept fraying and wouldn't stay on. I've tried wrapping string around it, but nothing seems to be working. "Maybe, I'll just have to try that whole crazy gluing thing," I mutter to myself. It's either that or stitches. I go to the kitchen and find one of the single use Krazy glue tubes my parents had brought, and carefully apply a single line over the cut. I'm careful not to touch it, and within a minute it's dry.

September 1

The cut is completely closed. With some water and soap I gently remove the glue. The only thing left now is a scar. Wow, it really worked. Take a look.


  1. Amazing! What a great trick! I'll have to pack some of that... :)

  2. Another one of the many uses of krazy glue!!! Glad to hear that it worked out well for you!

  3. Will, thats brave of you, i'm not sure i'd have tried that, but now that it works, i'll keep it in mind!!
    Hope all is well, praying for you all!

  4. Krazy glue is not something to be afraid of, Will. We use it all the time for cuts and cracks at home here in Chilliwack. Infact, it was the suggestion of our doctor! ( who kindly informed us that krazy glue is used in surgery too - internally! ) so what do we know? We're just glad it is an quick and efficient way to solve Big problems.

  5. Wow, that's quite a cut! I'm so glad it's healed now! Speaking of crazy glue... My son Jonah split his head open about a month ago, and I took him to the er, and they crazy glued it too becaue they didnt' want to tramatize the poor guy, guess what? IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!!!!!!!
    auntie Jenny:)

  6. Your an amazing strong girl. We love you lots and miss you lots. Give Jayden s big hug from Obama.
    Is all going well the Denise's baby? Is she growing good? You will have up date us with a new pic of her.

  7. I can't believe that actually worke, that is amazing! Good for you, I think I would have preferred that to stitches too, but I'm a big whimp!!