Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Oma and Opa!

Thank you so much for the delicious chocolate spread! Mommy is a little mad at me right now so I thought I would send you a letter. You see, this morning I was very hungry. I first ate two bowls of cereal and then at 9:30, I shared a piece of Lasagna with Mommy as a snack, but I was still hungry! While Mommy was busy I snuck into the kitchen, opened up the pantry and pulled out the jar of peanut butter and the jar of chocolate spread. Since I love chocolate I started on that one first. It was so delicious I couldn't help but take big hand fulls and squish them into my mouth. But you see, soon my hands got pretty sticky, and I don't like sticky hands so I wiped them on my shirt. Mommy is always trying to teach me to use napkins to wipe my mouth and shirt on when I'm done eating, but my shirt is just so much easier. Well, when mommy noticed that I was quiet for a little while, she thought she'd better check up on me. Was she in for a surprise!

So anyway Oma and Opa, since I ate most of the jar could you send some more?

Thank you.

Love Jayden


  1. Kaelie
    "aww shucks! Jayden making mess!"

    I have a confession to make too Jayden. Yesterday I was also very hungry, so when my mommy wasn't looking I climbed up on the table, and saw that my dad had left waffles and syrup and sugar and hagel slag on the table. So I thought I would make myself 3 waffles. On each one I put LOTS of syrup, then some sugar, then I thought just to sweeten it up a bit I would also put on a little hagel slag, but I can`t pour it out so well so.....
    Well I dìdn`t quite know what to do with the `left over` hagel slag in the box so I dumped it into the butter, and mixed it abit so Mom wouldn`t notice. But i was so busy doing this that I didn;t hear my mom coming, so when she said `HEY!`
    I got so scared I peed right on the chair and all over the mat! She was not happy. So then she put me in the bath while she cleaned up. But I wasn`t happy that she ruined my fun, so i just pooped in the bath! Next time we get into some fun, we should just make some noise, then our mothers won;t suspect anything! And we can just run away from the mess when we are done, and they WON`T know who did it!

  2. Wow!!! and I thought my kid was bad ;)

  3. Jayden, Jayden, Jayden! When Uncle Ron heard what you did, he said that you reminded him
    ALOT of your daddy when HE was younger! I'll bet you Grandma would remember very well!

    You and your cousin Kaelie are really ones for the books... I am glad your mommies write these things down and take pictures! I'll bet it helps them to laugh about it later!

    (Gemma and Carlye) We have never gotten into the chocolate and peanut butter, but mommy did catch me (Gemma) trying to steal a little chocolate bar from the treat box. I wish now I hadn't done that since now she said I could have no more treats from that box! It doesn't pay to be naughty!

    Love Uncle Ron, Auntie Anita, Gemma and Carlye

  4. Ow that looks so gross! but also very cute!
    Oma was here this morning, and I showed her your recent posts. She thinks Jayden is really cute and een echte deugniet. :-)
    I wish you good luck on removing those spots from his clothes again...
    Love, Mary

  5. Oh Will.....It looks like you have your hands full. Actually it was Jayden with his hands full! LOL I love it!! Keep up the posts. We just love them.