Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two New Visitors

We’re back in the village and are happy to report that all our belongings are still here and are seemingly untouched. Although our house was pretty dusty and Jason claims there were spider webs inside our mosquito net everything else looked pretty much the same as we left it. Later that night we found out that in actual fact two new visitors had taken up residency in our place while we were gone. A bat and a rat! We heard the rat under the kitchen sink gnawing on some plastic right after dinner time. We tried to find it, shine our flashlights into the hole and poke into the hole with a stick but nothing happened. However, ever since we poked into the hole we haven’t heard anything, so maybe it got the hint that it isn’t welcome here. We hope so! Later on at night we saw a bat swooping around in here too. At first it was a little freaky, but then Jason remembered that bats eat mosquitoes and anything that eats mosquitoes is definitely a friend of ours. There are a lot of mosquitoes in our house and we have no way of keeping them out so a bat might not be so bad. I’m just glad that we’re all sleeping under mosquito nets. I don’t think it would be fun getting bitten by a bat at night. But the spiders get in so maybe the bat can too. Anyway I’m not going to think about that. Bats don’t like biting humans do they?


  1. My mom always said they go in your hair~but I think it's a myth. Take care!

  2. Bats don't go in your hair, and they don't like biting humans. Well... only vampire bats do. I'm quite sure they don't live in Haïti, though. So, don't worry about getting bitten at night. ;-) Sleep well!

  3. You're not the only one that got visitors while you were away... we also have two furry friends who took up residence in ourbasement while we were in BC. We did set traps and they just stole the cheese the first night, so last night we got tricky and used peanut butter which is REALLY effective. Don't worry Will, they felt no pain! And now we are two mice shorter... so wonder if there are any babies in the basement though.. guess we'll find out! Take care, and don't worry about the bats, I've even killed one once before... didn't you ever hear that story about my night shifts at the nursing home?

    uugghhh, brings back memories!