Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mona Part 2 ...

“Mina!” a voice calls. (That’s my Haitian name apparently). I peak past the sheet hanging in our doorway and see the small figure of Mona standing under a tree. She smiles shyly at me. I walk towards her and notice she’s wearing a “new” pink little dress. “Ou gen bel rad yo!” (you have pretty clothes) I say, and she smiles proudly. “Mama pa-m te achte pou mwen” (My mother bought it for me!) I walk a little closer and notice that although her dress is slightly faded it’s still in pretty good shape. It’s not until she turns around that I notice the gaping hole in the back. “Eske ou vle mwen koud rad pou ou?” I ask. (Do you want me to sew your clothes?) She nods and I go inside to get my travel sewing kit. Before long the hole is stitched up and Mona is thrilled. “Mesi anpil, she says (Thank you very much!). She smiles at me and grabs my hand. I smile back and my heart is filled with gratitude that she finally has a pretty dress. I’m also glad I know how to mend things and that I brought my mini sewing kit. Before long other children start coming asking me to fix the holes in their clothes and I’m happy to help them in anyway that I can. How precious these children are.

Below are some of the pictures of Mona in her dress.


  1. How old is Mona? She looks like she is the same as me!

  2. How are you Auntie Will.... I love you. I am almost 4 yrs old

  3. Hi Will.... nice to be checking your blog again... we didn't do it much when we were in BC. Doing everything else I guess. It was good to see you guys on Skype... makes us want high speed, but that's probably not gonna happen... we don't really NEED it! Gemma has a snow day today, if you can imagine that! By the sounds of things you can't! Take care... give Jayden a big fat kiss for us! Love Anita

    PS... I think I saw you sister at the Leisure Center, except I'm not sure what her name is... Whitney's mom I think!!!!

  4. Good job Will, so your sewing does come in handy. You'll be able to do more in Port of Prince with your sewing machine. Makes me want to help you fix those dresses. Maybe this will become a full time job for you if word gets around,but I know you won't mind.

  5. 1) Hi Gemma. Mona is six! So almost the same age as you.

    2) Hi Carlye! I’m doing great! I love you too! You are getting big! Almost four! Wow!

    3) Hi Anita! Nice to hear from you again! I missed your comments on the blog! Here in the village we can only get internet if we go to the airport so I guess that’s almost the same as dial up. ;) You’re right about the snow. Here it’s hard to remember what it’s like. I’ll kiss Jayden for you! Love Will

    4) Hi Mom! Yes my sewing skills are definitely coming in handy! Ever since I fixed Mona’s dress I’ve been busy everyday fixing clothes! The kids love getting their stuff all sewed up. I enjoy it too. I’m sure every morning they on purposely put on something with a hole on it, just so they can get it fixed. I’ve never seen them wear such a variety of clothes before and they even change several times during the day now! Oh well, I don’t mind, It’s fun spending time with the kids!

  6. Hey Will
    I just read the post from Jayden. How cute! It is so good to hear that is is concerned about his little friends when giving them snacks! He sure has it all worked out hey? Awww... We will see if we can get a sun hat around here. I might even have one from Tais that might fit Jayden.
    It is so cute to see Mona so proud in her little dress. High school sewing class comes in handy now there hey? Amazing how such a simple thing can make the children (and parents) so happy.
    Give Jayden a big hug from Uncle Anthony and me!

  7. Hey will! I'm glad to hear that your skills are coming into great use... Ive always wondered.... why do i have 2 sew, but you never know what will happen right? So how are things in Haiti besides you sewing all the kids clothes and stuff? Hows jayden? and jay? Does Jay enjoy it that he likes kreyol? and does Jayden say my name yet? cuz kaelie is :) so i hope that my lil Haitian boy can say my name... lol. Anyways i hope to hear from you guys soon! the weather here has been a bit better than before but still id do anything to have that heat and nice warm weather! Im so excited to come out there. But anyways i should keep on studying 4 my exams
    love u all

  8. Hi Wil, and thanks again for sharing these wonderful stories. It all makes you seem not so far away at all, and you describe everything so beautifully. You definitely have a talent in writing, and Chris says that you should consider using that talent to write a book or something! It will really be a great way to promote support for you, if you could do somthing like that. I love all your pictures too. Its so awesome to see them.
    We are getting ready to go to a fundraising dinner for Gert and Klazina tonight.
    take care, and keep writing! Love, Aunt Judy