Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank You!

After almost a month the package that Mom, Dad & Oma Krul sent finally arrived! It first had to make it's way down to Florida, it then sat in MFI's post office box since they were closed for the holidays, then it was flown to Cap-Haitien where it sat in customs, from there it was sent to Port-au-Prince to MAF's office and finally MAF flew it to Pignon to where we were. We excitedly opened it to find Dutch cookies, candies, snacks for Jayden and some little toys! Dropies never tasted so good! Jayden also was very excited and kept driving the little Fisher Price cars everywhere including over his face! Thank you so much Mom & Dad and Oma Krul!


  1. hey will and Jay!
    How are you guys doing?
    that story of mona is cute! and im glad that Jayden likes the toys and snacks that were in the box! So i come home one day from school and i see this BIG box full of snacks and toys and a BIG bag of droppies i was like MOOM can i have some droppies... pff ya right! But I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. The pictures of Jayden, mona and you are VERY cute! Jayden is sure getting dark hair and you all are getting quite the tan! Ok I'm serious that i could move out there right now! All we've been getting is rain rain and MORE RAIN! places are starting to flood up, and the creak behind us is getting very high. So I'd do anything to get away from this cold rainy/snowy weather. But anyways, i hope you think of us out here in the rain. Give Jayden a big hug for me and a big kiss. Also tell him that his Antie esther misses him TONS.
    love you and missing you
    <3 esther

  2. Hi Esther.. Sorry you couldn't have any droppies! The difference is that you can walk to the store to get somee, we can't! Anyway rain seems like a very foreign thing.. I might not even remember what its like. I thinks it's rained once here in Pignon and that was at night when we were in bed. We are liking the warm weather but wouldn't mind a couple day of snow.. not going to happen! Anyway we miss you guys too, and look forward to seeing you this summer. Hope to hear from you again soon! Love your comments. It's like I can hear you talking to me! Love Will

  3. Your welcome Jayden,
    Hope you enjoy your toys and eating the fishes. Make sure you do share them with dad and mom. We love seeing you in the pictures, you look soooooo grown up. Are you making lots of friends? Can you tell me some of thier names? Can you speak abit of Kreyol yet? You'll have to teach gramma some words before we come to Haiti. Is your Oma and Opa and auntie Gloria coming to visit you in March? If so we will also give along some presents,but you will have to tell gramma what you really really need. I love your head covering, does it keep your hair clean? Will gramma and grampa have to also wear one? We miss you alot and hope to hear you again on skype when you get back to Port-a-Prince hopefully next month.
    Love you and hugs and kisses from us.

  4. Hi Will, Jason, and Jayden,

    Sounds like you are having an amazing experience! It is great reading about all the things going on; you were always good at creative writing, which is nice for us readers. You are truly having a positive influence on those less fortunate.

    Out here in Chilliwack we definitely envy the beautiful weather out there. There are a lot of flooding problems, I don't remember the valley ever being like this. We actually lucked out and missed most of the snow because we were in Mexico for New Years. Two more weeks of school and I will be done my first semester of teaching! It has been an very educational and wonderful experience! Mark is in recruit camp for firefighting, so I guess when Jason left they had an empty spot! He will be in Hall 2 though.

    We love reading your posts! Keep them coming!

    Love, Mark and Christa

  5. 1) Hi Grandma and Grandpa! The fishies were deeelicious!! Don’t worry, I do share them with everyone because I like to copy everything mommy does. I share all my snacks with everybody, and I make sure I bite on it first so the pieces aren’t too big. We don’t want other people to choke right? Most of the time I get the slobbery piece right back, so that works out real nice!
    I now call mommy “my baby” and pet her! She laughs when I do this, but I don’t know why! She calls me her baby so why can’t I call her that?
    I am getting rather big and learn new words every day. My favourite word right now is”Hot”. I kind of whisper it as I blow through my teeth. It’s amazing how often I can use that word. Whenever I eat any food I say “hot” and blow (whether it’s hot or cold) and every night my bath water is “hot” too. I like watching mommy laugh when I say it. She says I am a clown.
    I am very excited that Oma & Opa and Gloria will be visiting us. As far as I know they still plan to come in March. Did you say something about presents? Yipee! One thing mommy says I need is a hat. I have one green hat that I wear everyday, everywhere, but I do like to throw it around. It makes a good Frisbee and it’s not like I need it when I play in the shade. All my other hats are too small so mommy is worried I will lose mine and won’t have any hat left. But can you even get a sun hat in freezing cold Canada? A fur cap would be rather warm here! Anyway I am also very excited that you plan to come. I’m sure I’ll be able to say a lot more words by then because I talk all day long! I’ll be 2 then so that means I’ll be all grown up! I love you very much grandma and grandpa! XOX Jayden

    2) Hi Christa! Nice hearing from you. Yes, we are really enjoying our time here. I’m glad you like our blogs. I love to write, it’s my way of relaxing.  Therefore the many blogs entires! So Chilliwack has flooding problems hey? That’s not good. I hope it doesn’t get really bad. That’s exciting that you were able to go to Mexico! I’m sure you had a good time. So school is still going well? I’m glad! I think you’re really cut out for teaching! When Jason read that Mark was in recruit camp, I think he got a little jealous! The one thing he misses besides his family is firefighting. I’m warning you it can get really addictive. Anyway it was great hearing from you again! Write comments every now and then, then at least we know people are reading the stories and stuff!!