Friday, March 20, 2015

Of Pictures and Stories, Thankfulness and Praise

I pick up my camera and turn it on. My smile quickly turns to a frown as I scroll through my memory card. Is this really it? Just a handful of pictures in 3 months? That’s odd. Usually, I easily take over a hundred pictures each month. I love photography and trying to capture the moment. That and writing are definitely two of my hobbies! So why so few pictures in 2015 so far? I turn to my calendar and soon discover the answer as I start to count how many people we’ve hosted since January 1 of this year. One, two, three, four; by the time I’m finished counting I’ve reached 55! Okay that would explain the lack of pictures! 

Now that the last team left this morning things will be much quieter around here and hopefully I will have more time to post pictures and stories again! And although we still plan to host guests in the coming month it will be on a much smaller scale! 

 I’m also thankful to share how everything is falling into place so well as we prepare for our move back to Canada. Together, Jason and I have already gone through everything in our whole house and were able to pack and send 8 suitcases of our personal belongings back with the team that left this morning. In my mind that is about half of what we plan to take back with us so the giant mountain of work that I was dreading a few weeks ago, now seems like a much more manageable hill. 

 And although I haven’t taken many pictures recently, I do have some good ones taken in the last year or so that I wanted to share!

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