Wednesday, March 4, 2015

He Never Changes

“All the changes ahead feel like this giant mountain I have to climb.” I whisper to Jason in the semi darkness. The night light casts a cozy glow over rose colored walls as the breeze rustles the trees outside our bedroom window. 

Turning towards me I can see the smile on his face. “ Not me," he replies. "I’m excited!” 

 I’ve learned over time that we deal with change differently. I like lots of time to prepare and organize and control as many variables as I can for a smooth, predictable change. Jason on the other hand is much more dynamic when it comes to change. Change doesn’t faze him or worry him and he needs very little time to prepare. 

 For example when we travel, I get the suitcase out a week before we go away. Then every day I put a few more things in, take a couple things out, reorganize and pack till I’m fully satisfied that I have exactly what I need. I don’t like being rushed or leaving things till the last minute. Jason on the other hand does not have those qualms. To be honest, I envy him sometimes. When he travels he can have his suitcase packed and ready to go minutes before he leaves and it’s not like he forgets things either. 

 If a picture is worth a thousand words than the way Jason handles change would look like this:

And me this:

If I feel rushed I may or may not respond like this:

The good news is that I have four and half months to prepare and I can leave all the last minute things in Jason's capable hands! 

What really makes all the difference though is that I have peace that God is directing us and that no matter how many changes we face God doesn’t change. Malachi 3:6a For I am the Lord, I change not; 

This also has been a good reminder for me:

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  1. That illustration about God and Satan is so true. A good reminder for me this week. Thanks for posting that. All the best to you in the coming months. Melinda Isaac