Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Haiti Team Journal (Part 9)

Friday, March 29 

During, what felt like the middle of the night, we heard a series of rhythmic banging outside – then again 5 minutes later. We had no idea what was going on, so we tried to get back to sleep. 

A little while later, we heard enthusiastic singing coming from the church; it turned out that they were having a 4:30 a.m. church service – and the banging was the wake-up call!

 Most of us did manage to get back to sleep to catch a few more winks before breakfast. 

 After breakfast, we did some general cleanup and sorted and folded clothes that had been donated for local people. We played with the kids for the last time, and said goodbye to the friends we had made. We also bought some bracelets from Fabees, the choir director. 

We took a final group picture under our favorite tree in front of the dorm, 

and then headed for the airport in the Land Rover. After weighing ourselves (Bill lost 10 pounds!) and our luggage, we waited for Jason and another plane to arrive to take us back to Port au Prince. While we were waiting, some smart vendors followed us to the airstrip to sell us some more souvenirs. 

After Jason arrived,

we still had to wait for the other plane, so he took us on a walk down to the river. 

Sanessa got a donkey ride,
From 2013
and a local boy tried to steal some money from the kid that was with the donkey, but Jason wasn`t going to let him get away with that! 

Bill and Al played soccer with a tennis ball with some local boys on the porch of the airport “terminal.” Then Jason decided to  leave with half the group.  

As he took off, he gave them quite an experience (you’ll have to ask them for a play-by-play account)!

An hour later, the other plane showed up – a bigger plane, a Caravan, which flew the rest of the group back to Port au Prince. 

From there it was back to Jason and Will’s house for a quick pit-stop and to drop-off of our luggage, and then to a fancy restaurant for some burgers and fries! 

Across from the restaurant we had an incredible view of thousands of homes built on the mountain sides. 

From there, we attended a Good Friday church service, after which we came back to Jason and Will’s to chill. 
Written by M. Roseboom

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