Friday, April 5, 2013

Haiti Team Journal (Part 5)

Monday, March 25 

We were up bright and early; a great way to start the week. 

After another delicious breakfast (which included eggs, which Bill had said the night before he would never eat because they just sat in a cupboard for days), we headed out to work. 

We soon found out that it wasn’t quite like at home though; it was difficult to find the right tools, if they were available at all! 

Most of the group was kept busy staking out a 5-acre chain link fence that was to surround the university while some helped with tying rebar and carrying it ½ a kilometer to the building site of a new house. The rest of us helped with building a roof for the new university gazebo. As we worked together with the Haitian people we learned the importance of learning from them. 

Putting on the roof tin with two Haitians and an interpreter was a lot of fun. 

We also put in an order for paint, so we could continue the painting of the school addition on Tuesday. (“Tomorrow” is a very common word in Haiti!). 

After lunch, we took a break. Some of us sat in the front and talked under the trees with Erevo, a very interesting Haitian pastor who had also been our interpreter as we were working on the gazebo. He told us how he traveled around from home to home spreading the Word of God. He also would  visit witch doctors. There used to be 25 in the area, but now there are only 5 left. 

"I have nothing on earth, but I am rich because I have Christ," he told us. 

He also shared how he felt the great importance that all believers should share the gospel message with others.

After our break we continued our work till super time.  After another great dinner with JeanJean’s family, some of us went to Pignon with him to pick up a professor for the university. 

That night  we sat around, chatted and chomped on JeanJean’s popcorn. 

Written by M. Roseboom,

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