Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quick Update

The weather last week was cool and cloudy. We enjoyed it and even wore long sleeve shirts a few of the days; a real treat!

This week the sun is back! The sky is blue, plants and trees are growing and tropical birds sing in their branches.

We are all thankfully feeling healthy again. A pile of fruits and vegetables have been added to our weekly diet. Every morning I make juice out of carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and oranges. Then I mix in a little strawberry/banana juice. With this daily infusion of vitamins and minerals we've never felt better!


Justin little Bustin, as we like to call him, is walking all around the house on his own! It is so cute and fun to watch him. His older brother, of course, is very proud.


Palo, Wilson, and Jedline, the neighbour boys are all in school! With the money he earned from the cereal boxes Wilson was able to purchase the uniform pants he needed to go back. When I gave them birthday cake the Saturday after Justin's birthday they only ate half and then asked for a little ziplock so they could take the rest home for their younger siblings. This week I received a bag of chips from Wilson. Palo, who can barely read, did much better and gained some confidence when we read the Bible story together. I used to ask God to help me love the boys.  I no longer need to ask. 


Who says toys have to cost money? This past Saturday, Jayden and I spent hours building a castle out of cardboard boxes, tins, baby cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls. Then we painted and papered it with construction paper.  It was great fun!


Today marks the beginning of a long line of guests at our home. The guest room is ready and we are looking forward to it!


This Thursday we leave for our annual staff retreat in the DR. We are looking forward to digging deeper into God's Word with the help of a Pastor and his wife, and a little time of rest and relaxation as well!


  1. Thanks again for a glimps into the life of the Krul family. Love those updates, pictures are great. You sure did a good job on that castle Jayden!

    Have a well deserved rest before the whirlwind of visitors!

    Love Henry and Jenny

  2. Cam's quote, " MOOOOOOM look at that!!!!!" You just upped the cut and paste project expectations are our house :) Good job, Will, that's some castle. HOpe he gets many hours of imagination out of that!! Do you happen to have a playmobil man or two??