Thursday, February 28, 2013

Justin’s 1st Birthday

The day didn’t go quite as planned. 

The trouble actually began last week when Justin became sick and feverish. His runny nose, goopy eye and warm temperatures did not paint a pretty picture. I attributed it to teething as he had at least 3 new teeth coming in and together with lots of fluids and Tylenol kept my baby as comfortable as I could. 

By Sunday Justin started feeling better; but then Jayden got sick. I couldn’t blame it on teething this time around and he was just as feverish and miserable. I treated him much the same as I did his baby brother with lots of fluids and Tylenol when needed. He stayed home from school, mostly resting on the couch. When he felt up to it we would read stories together or look online for cake ideas for Justin’s upcoming birthday. We finally agreed on a tiger cake. It was pretty simple to make and very cute. 

Then Tuesday I got sick. It wasn’t what the boys had either. It started with nausea and then led to vomiting and yeah, the other thing. I was so sick that in one night I dropped down to what I weighed when I was 12; which of course is a perfectly acceptable weight for a 12 year old, but not for someone the other side of 25. Thankfully, with the help of some Cipro, by the following afternoon I was able to keep fluids down again, but birthday planning was understandably at a minimum. 

Our sweet Justin was pretty oblivious to the lack of festivities though. When he woke up this morning he loved opening and playing with his two gifts; a plastic bowling ball set we had purchased for him a few weeks ago and a wooden puzzle that a friend had given for his baby shower last year.

And although he did not get the tiger cake Jayden and I had imagined, he was perfectly happy with a piece of leftover chocolate cake with some ice cream on the side and a candle on top!

And what’s he like, our little 1 year old? 

Well, let’s just say he doesn’t take no for an answer. 

Baby toys are boring. 

Paper is delicious to eat, and pretty much anything else he can find on the floor for that matter.

Dueling with a plastic pirate sword is a skill he’s already mastered; and his older brother is his hero.

He’s a great kid; happy, stubborn, determined, ambitious, active, and sweet! 

We love our little Justin and are thankful that God blessed us with him!

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  1. Ahhh thanks for sharing Will! Hope you are feeling better, seriously, you need to try to put some weight on those bones of yours! Can't believe that little man is a year already! Much has hapened and it's not been without trials, but God has taken care of you all, pray it will continue. Take care of yourself please!!!

    Love Henry and Jenny