Friday, January 4, 2013

Northern Haiti Adventures

Our Northern Haiti adventures began on December 28. 

Jason flew us northwesterly and we landed on a dirt runway in Ouanaminthe (pronounced Wanamét).

As you can tell by the crowd, planes didn't land here very often.

As soon as we disembarked we were surrounded. Many of the kids had never seen a white baby before, and they crowded around to get a closer look.

Matt, a friend and fellow missionary we had know from Pignon, who had since then relocated to Fort Liberty, came to pick us up. Since a friend of his had crossed the Dominican border to purchase a mattress we followed suite.

It was free market day, meaning Haitians could cross partway into the DR to purchase supplies without passports, and the border crossing was packed!

It was incredible to see what had all been purchased and was now making its way back into Haiti.

On the other side we were once again awed by the smooth roads, pretty stores, and the yellow dividing lines on the road. What a difference between the two countries.

Once we had safely secured the mattress on the roof of the suburban we crossed the border back into Haiti and traveled north to Fort Liberty. Shortly thereafter we arrived at the Paulous group housing project where we would spend the night.

Jayden soon found a whole group of missionary and Haitian kids to play with. He had a grand time.

At night we watched the full moon rise in all her splendor.

The following morning we did some sight seeing around the area.

There was a lot of beautiful things to see.

Once we finished our touring we drove back to the little dirt strip and waited as Jason readied the plane for our next destination.

Once airborne we circled over the housing project where we had spent the previous day.

Nearing Cap Haitian, the second largest city in Haiti, we were pleased to see a tree planting project below.

A few minutes later Cap Haitian came into sight. 

Although the airport terminal was small, there was definitely signs that an expansion was in progress.

A driver, Jason had prearranged, was waiting for us outside, ready to take us to a small boutique hotel on the beach.

Nestled between mountains and ocean it was a quaint little place; perfect for a few days of resting and relaxation.

After depositing our bags in our rooms, the boys hit the beach.

With coral just meters off shore, we took turns snorkeling and exploring the reefs.

The water was perfect!

That night, after a tasty meal, we toured the grounds and photographed some of God`s beautiful flowers.

On Monday morning we flagged down some motorbikes outside of the hotel and made the short trip up to the nearby cruise port.

Mom and Dad were a little nervous, as prior to this trip they had never ridden on motorcycles before, but the drivers drove slowly and carefully and they soon began to relax (somewhat).

Labadee, the cruise port, was spectacular.

Beautiful beaches, lots of activities and delicious food.

Jason somehow managed to talk his parents into trying the worlds longest zip line over water.

They said spending time with us made them age rapidly. What can we say?

Back at the hotel we watched the cruise ship come around the bend and head on out to her next destination.

All good things come to an end, and on January 2 it was time to head back to the Cap Haitian airport.

We stared out the windows as the city slowly disappeared beneath us. 

Landing back in Ouanaminthe we were once again greeted by a crowd.

Another friend of ours was there to meet us and take us across the border into the Dominican so Mom and Dad could visit Anthony, Sherilyn and family there. 

On the drive the two brothers played with the sword and sheath we had purchased for them at a souvenir shop in Labadee.

Once we said our goodbyes we crossed back into Haiti and returned to the Ouanaminthe airstrip.

Waiting for his daddy to finish loading the airplane, little Justin balanced on the seat and waved goodbye to the kids crowded around the plane. 

Till next time!

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  1. Not supposed to make you age prematurely, Herb & Janie- it's supposed to keep you young!!! :):) Very cool!!! Michelle Pronk