Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Photos

Autumn crept up on us unawares.

I noticed it one morning as I was admiring the muted colours of dawn through our back window. Yup, even though it was subtle, fall was here.

Along with cooler temperatures came the rain. Most often it would rain at night, but sometimes the clouds would roll in during the late afternoons, waiting to release their water burden with a torrential downpour on the city.

The two brothers continued to grow. (Looking more handsome every day if you ask me!) 

When the school day was over, and Jayden was home again, they would spend hours together on the playroom floor.

Their similarities becoming more evident with  the passage of time!

On October 1st, school started for Nicholas, Sabboule and Jocemine.

The house sure felt quiet with all the big kids gone. In the silence I snuggled my baby close. Was I ever thankful school was still a long way off for him!

During community helper week, Jason spoke in Jayden's class about what it was like being a pilot.

The kids loved it! Especially Jayden ofcourse!

In the evenings I would stand outside on the front patio admiring the changing skies. 

Yes, although it was nothing like fall in Canada I could still feel it was there. Autumn was in the air.

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