Friday, October 12, 2012

Come and See What I See

It's 2:26 p.m. on Thursday afternoon and I've just pulled out of our street.

The white hot Caribbean sun shines brightly through the trees. Even though it's fall, it's easily 37 degrees outside. It's almost time to pick up the kids from school but first a quick stop at the grocery store. I wind through the twisted streets until I reach Delmas 83.

Traffic is still fairly light. Passing a small market to my left, I snap a quick picture before getting in line to turn onto Delmas.

This corner is always busy and today is no exception. Roughly twenty motor taxis are lined up to my right around the Digicel umbrellas selling phone cards. Glancing over I watch as one angry motor bike driver picks up a big rock and aims it at a man standing a meter from my vehicle. 

Hmm, this does not look good. Last thing I need is a rock through my window especially with a baby in the back seat.  

I inch the Prado forward as close as I can to the car in front of me only to get an angry look from a pedestrian trying to cross between us. I give him an apologetic smile and then check my side window again. 

Two other men are now reasoning with the angry man, still holding the rock in his hands. I watch him nod and then lay the rock down. Traffic is starting to move again so as quick as I can I find an opening in the line of cars and push my way in. A few seconds later I`m at Eagle Market. The guards inside the secure parking lot wave and I wave back.

I unbuckle Justin`s car seat and then carry him to the entry way. Pulling out a shopping cart from the row, I lift him up and latch him on.

Once inside I pull out a half eaten grocery list out of my pocket. When I was walking to the car earlier, I had mistakenly held it and Justin in the same hand. By the time I reached the car I was fishing pieces of paper our out of my baby's mouth!

I squint at the paper now, trying to decipher what`s left of it. Bread, Buns, Ketchup, Baby food. I try to remember if there was anything else. I think that's it.

Time is ticking so as quick as I can I head to the cashier to pay for my purchases. Back outside I carry my bags and Justin and the car seat back to the vehicle. I check my watch. It's 2:43 p.m., if I hurry, I will have just enough time to exchange the library books before picking Jayden up at the kindergarten playground at 3:00.

Back on the road I head straight down Delmas 83.

Dust clouds fill the air from the vehicle in front of me. Cement block walls draped in razor wire loom high on either side of the road.

From 2012
Seeing a school on the corner, I turn.

I really have no idea what any of the street names are and rely sole on landmarks.

I continue to bounce and zigzag over rough rutted streets until I reach the school Jayden attends.

Two guards guard the entry. Recognizing me, they wave me through.

I park in front of the middle school playground and lift Justin out of the car seat. On the right hand side is the library.

Inside, Mr. Chabot greets me.

The AC is on and I relish the slightly cooler temperatures. 

In the adult section I pick out a few books for myself and then head to the children`s section for books for Jayden. Once I`m finished I carry Justin up the path and around the soccer field.

I pause for a moment to watch the kids chasing a soccer ball on the new field.

At the playground I greet the teachers and then watch Jayden as he plays with his little friends.

From 2012

From 2012
It`s time to go!" I tell him and he sighs. "Can't I play a little while longer Mom?" he begs.  I shake my head. "Not today." Reluctantly he follows me to where we pick up the other three kids from a family that lives in our nieghborhood.


Once everyone is ready to go we head back to the car. 

Thick rain clouds are rolling in as we take the familiar road home.

Up and around, over the ravine.

We drop of the three children and then head on home. 

Back inside Jayden excitedly gets to work on his homework. When he's done writing the letter P and coloring Petey Penguin, he proudly says. "Mom this Penguin is so cute, he could be a girl! I think I'm going to call him Wilhelmina!"

I laugh. What a great kid!
From 2012
As the sun continues her downward descent in the cerulean sky I turn on Jayden's desk lamp. It won't be much longer before darkness falls. 

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  1. Thanks for a glimpse into your world! (Or should I say worlds?)It's actually different than I expected.