Saturday, March 31, 2012

“Wherever you are - be all there.” Jim Elliot

Holding tightly onto Jayden’s handlebars I check both directions of Haig Highway.

“All clear!”

I smile at Jayden and he smiles back. Justin squirms in the baby carrier tied to my chest and I pull him snugly against me with my free hand. We’ve just come back from dinner at the nearby A&W and then a stop at the school playground. It’s 5:30 p.m. and although the sky is still blue the temperature is beginning to drop.

Crossing the road together I take a moment to explain to Jayden again the importance of checking both directions before crossing any street, road or highway. As soon as we reach the other side, Jayden pushes my hand away and pedals off.

“Slow down, wait for Mommy!” I yell after him and he reluctantly slows to a stop.

On the side of the road, by a row of mailboxes, a black truck is parked. Recognizing the occupants I make my way over for a chat. Inevitably the conversations turns to Haiti and once again I hear the familiar questions. “Do you miss Haiti? When do you go back?”

Since I’ve heard these questions so often now, I easily form my standard response.

“We hope to go back in July. There are definitely things I miss about Haiti, but when I am there I miss things about Canada too. If I strictly focus on the things I miss, I won’t be happy anywhere!”

Later after bidding them goodbye and walking the final distance home I remember the quote from Jim Elliot a friend shared with me. “Wherever you are – be all there.” I’ve taken that quote to heart since I know first hand that wishing you were somewhere else just makes you miserable.

For me being “all there” means appreciating what I have at any given moment. Right now that means a tummy full of tasty fast food, sidewalks for walking and biking, lungs full of fresh country air, and a beautiful view of the snow capped mountains.


  1. "Be content with whatsoever things you have..."

    So true, I love the peacefulness about you Will!

    Love Jenny

  2. May God richly bless your ministry for Him.
    ~ BloggerBob