Friday, March 16, 2012


Icy rain drips from the gutters as a brisk wind shakes the evergreens outside our living room window. Inside, the blazing fireplace fills the room with its warmth.

Snuggling Justin in my arms I kiss his rosy cheeks and gently touch his silky dark hair. He whimpers and wiggles and then closes his eyes and dozes off, completely content.

My gaze shifts to Jayden playing on the carpeted floor. Dinosaurs and train tracks are everywhere. Fresh laundry is piled up on the couch between the pillows, blankets and baby paraphernalia that has once again become part of our lives.

Glancing down, I notice my clothes don't match, I've forgotten to put on socks and I don't remember if I've run a brush through my hair this morning or not.

Snuggling my little baby and watching my big baby playing on the floor I smile happily. The importance of a neat house and matching clothes fade in comparison to the joys of motherhood.

From 2012


  1. Joel & MarianneMarch 16, 2012 at 4:27 PM

    What a beautiful perspective! Congratulations!!

  2. yup! everything else can wait...they grow too fast to waste time on the little things like matching socks and a neat house :)
    Enjoy your family!
    Love Cath

  3. I love this picture of your boys! So sweet! Enjoy this time with them!

    -Kate W.