Saturday, November 5, 2011

Join us for Dinner

Click. The light is turned off, leaving only the glow of freshly lit candles to pierce the darkness.


"Mom, can we eat dinner with the lights off? Please Mom? Please?"

"Well, we can hardly see what we're eating! Maybe, if I turn the little light on the desk on too."

I reach over to switch on the desk lamp and point it towards the dining room table. The light casts waving shadows on the wall.

"I love it, I love it!" an excited four-year old jumps up and down on his way to his booster seat.

"Dad, time to eat! Look at the candles!!"

Jason joins us at the table and together we sit down and pray. After prayer I pick up a serving spoon and ladle a portion of an unidentifiable substance onto each of our plates.

"What is this?" Jason questions. Lifting a fork full to his nose.

"Umm.. Slop!"


"Well I'm not sure what to call it! It's frozen leftovers that I added some spaghetti sauce to!"

"Slop?" Jayden now questions, echoing his father.

Suddenly we all burst out laughing.

Jason reaches over to pour the juice and the shadows on the wall move. He puts the juice down and begins to make dinosaurs shadows with his hands. Entranced Jayden stares. Then slowly he lifts his little hand.


"Mom that dinosaur is eating me!" He starts to giggle.

The big dinosaur shadow begins to moan and howl.

"Mom, mom, I'm scared!"

"Okay guys! Enough. Eat your slop!"

We all start laughing again.

"Eat your slop!" Jayden repeats starting to giggle uncontrollably now.

Finally, we all dig in.

Silence reigns.

"Slop actually tastes pretty good." Jason says reaching for a second helping.

Who would have guessed?

Find out for yourselves. Join us for dinner!


  1. The worst of food can taste good with the best of company :). I'll come.

  2. You're definitely welcome Kara! Maybe we can meet you this spring when we come to Grand Rapids, God willing.

  3. Really looking forward to coming... Maybe not for slop... But im sure our turkey will be awesome!!!!


  4. I'd love to join you for dinner! I really hope we will meet again some day...
    Love from Holland, Mary

  5. I'd love to come, but maybe you can come eat slop...or my house instead, since it doesn't look like we'll be heading your way any time soon!

  6. That slop sounds good to me :)
    I needed an idea for tonite!
    I'd welcome an opportunity to come and see for myself.
    Your updates are a real gift. Thanks