Monday, November 28, 2011

A Letter From Jayden

Dear Grandpa & Grandma, Oma & Opa

Finally a letter from me again! In exactly one month we hope to fly all the way to Canada and I can't wait to see you and my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends! I am very excited!

Last week Wednesday, Daddy, Mommy and I flew to Santiago! I was so excited I talked about nothing else that whole week and barely slept the night before we left. That morning, I kept coming out even though it was dark, and asking Mom if it was time to go yet.

Mom was not so happy about that!

Oh well, we both got up early and packed our bags. Mom even made a pilot uniform for me, so I could look just like Dad.

Although flying airplanes is pretty cool,

It can be exhausting!

I think I might become a paleontologists anyway. I fly all the time, nothing to exciting about that!

A paleontologist on the other hand studies dinosaurs and their fossils! Now that is interesting! Did you know that the hadrosaur had as many as 2,000 teeth? And that there were dinosaurs the size of chickens? And that paleontologists have discovered fossils of a velociraptor and a proceratops in battle, moments before they were buried in a sandstorm?

I spend so much time looking at the pictures and getting mom to read ALL the facts that I sometimes fall asleep with my dinosaur books!

Anyway, back to our Santiago trip. Since both Daddy and Mommy and Uncle Anthony and Auntie Sher had some time off because of US Thanksgiving, we thought it would be the perfect time to get together! Especially considering we do live on the same island and all!

I have to say it is pretty handy having a Dad who is a pilot. All we had to do was jump in the MAF airplane and in less then 1 hour we were in Santiago!

Uncle Anthony and Mattais came to pick us up at the Santiago airport and it was great catching up with them.

Since there is a not a lot for kids to do at their apartment we decided to make the short drive to the beach and spend two days there. I had great fun burying Kaelie's feet in the sand.

Later when Kaelie got an ice cream cone, she shared it with me.

Besides playing in the waves and building sandcastles, we also participated in a bow and arrow contest.

Mom, Dad, Uncle Anthony and Auntie Sher tried some target practice. It's a little scary seeing Mommy with a gun isn't it?

At the beach there was also kayaks and catamarans that we could use for free.

Dad and Uncle Anthony spent many hours boating. After one particularly rough afternoon out on the ocean in their kayaks we had to drag Dad back in.

Once we rolled him out,

It was our turn!

One night while we were there, they let Kaelie and I dress up. Kaelie had a butterfly outfit and I was allowed to wear a little dwarf outfit.

From 2011

At first I didn't want to because the beard tickled and I was tired, but Mom talked me into it.

While Dad and Uncle Anthony had cappuccinos and talked all about what life was like in Haiti and the Dominican,

Mom and Auntie Sher spent hours talking about babies.

Anyway, I had a great time with my cousins, so great in fact, I've used up my voice!

That's why computers come in handy I guess!

That's all for now! Can't wait to see you and hope you liked my letter.

XOXO Jayden


  1. Hi Jayden, I love your letter for Grandpa. I missed you today. I told my mommy that I wished you could come back. It's so quiet and boring here now. We had so much fun didnt we? I tell everyone my new name is Ballerina, and they can't call me Kaelie anymore.
    Maybe we can play with eachother again soon.
    Love from Ballerina

  2. Hey this is awesome! I had to smile when I saw Jayden in his dwarf suit :) So cute!! And that overly-large pilot helmet...pretty cool!

    Take care,
    Henny P

  3. Wow Jayden, you did a great job! Loved the pictures too...!

    So cool to see you all, it's very neat that your mommy and Auntie Sher are both having babies!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    love the Jansens

  4. What a great time you little cousins had!
    That ice-cream looked yummy, Ballerina
    Thais, looks like you had a great time with Uncle Jay
    Jayden, Grandpa is so surprised that you know how to fly too! Maybe you can fly when you come visit us in a few weeks.
    Sher and Will, you ladies look so relaxed.
    And, Jay and Anthony, you guys look totally relaxed there.

  5. You're so cute with your little preggers stomach! :)