Saturday, April 23, 2011


After stops in Georgia, Atlanta, and Tokyo, Japan, we’re only 1 hour away from our final stop Hong Kong, China.

On the previous flight to Tokyo we’d experienced a fair amount of turbulence and even a lightning strike as we flew through a rain storm, but this final flight has been relatively smooth so far.

The cabin is dark and I’ve lost all track of time. Since this flight was very empty, Shelley and I found separate spots with empty seats around us so we could stretch out a little. Now shifting to get more comfortable, I take a peek at the Japanese man sitting at the end of my row. He’s older, maybe in his fifties or sixties and smiles and makes a small bow when I make eye contact. So far everyone has been very polite and friendly.

All the meals that we’ve received have been very Asian too; fried rice, beef teriyaki, shrimp, green tea.

“I’m really going to enjoy experiencing the Asian culture,” I think to myself as the plane wheels touchdown.

We’re here! China!

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  1. Hey Will, good to hear you arrived safely. Have a good time! Love, Mary