Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dedication Service

Smoke from a nearby charcoal fire breezes past as I shift in my seat and focus on the pastor.

Today we’re at Anoud and Denise’s church to witness, as godmother and godfather, the dedication of their three children.

The church service started at 6:00 a.m. and now it’s almost noon. Jayden wiggles tiredly in my lap and then rests his head against my shoulder. I pull him closer and give him a quick hug, thankful that he’s stayed sitting for so long.

The pastor closes the church service with singing and prayer and then it’s time to stand up front for the personal dedication service of Nicholas, Sabboule, and Jocemine.

Early this morning, Anoud, Denise and the three kids had gotten all dressed up; Anoud, in Jason’s tux, Denise in my grad dress, Nicholas and Sabboule in special clothing donated by a friend, and Jocemine in a new white dress.

Now we stand, altogether in a half circle in the front of the church.

The pastor begins the dedication service by praying for Anoud, Denise and their family and then together we sing in Creole ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus.’ He then picks up Jocemine and holds her up as he begins to pray. Jocemine cries loudly, very upset about the fact that someone she doesn’t know is holding her. When Jayden sees we aren’t going to intervene on her behalf, he finally decides to take matters into his own hands and walks up to the pastor and slaps his leg.

“Pa fe sa!” (Don’t do that!) he says.

Embarrassed, I pull him back, but thankfully the pastor takes no notice and continues to pray. When he is is finished he hands Jocemine to me and she instantly stops crying. I hug her tightly as her body continue to heave for the next five minutes.

Sabboule is next and he cries too as the pastor holds him up and prays over him.

Nicholas, the oldest at the age of five, bravely does not cry when it's finally his turn.

Once the pastor is finished, we sing again and then Anoud gives the pastor the birth certificates of the children. It is now the pastor’s job to sign them to make them legal.

Walking up the steps out of the church, I thank God silently that we were able to witness and be part of this special dedication service.


  1. I love the look on Nicolas's face. It's like he's thinking, "Yeah, I look pretty good!" :)

  2. I can just imagine Jayden going up to the pastor. Shows how concerned he really was. Can't imagine him sitting for 6 hours in church. Give our love to Arnold,
    Denise and children, they look just beautiful in the suits and dresses.
    Love Mom

  3. Oh Will, I'm glad I wasn't there! When things like that happen, I get the giggles, I'm sure it would not have been good. They all look so nice, love the white with the dark skin! God is good. Thanks again for sharing, keep up the good work Jayden, you look after your friend!

    Love Henry and Jenny