Thursday, September 23, 2010

C’est la vie! (It is the life!)

It really IS "the" life! How can I even begin to summarize all the special moments that are part of my daily life in Haiti? Instead of clumsily trying to piece sentences together, I'll let the pictures speak and through them let you take a look at what I call "the" life!

I love my boy and I love how creative he can be! I think all the jewelry around the house has kind of inspired him. My favorite moments are when he's finished a bracelet and goes running outside to give it to Nicholas or Sabboule. They of course are thrilled. I haven't had the heart to tell any of them that boys don't normally wear bracelets.

Preschool is just so much fun! At this age their minds are like sponges and they absorb everything! I love hearing Nicholas and Sabboule practice their English on their parents. I now can also tell when they wake up in the morning, since I can hear them say "Good Morning" to each other, in their childish sing-song voices!

I love teaching the sewing classes at the orphanage and just today some of the girls finished sewing their purses!

These girls live at the orphanage and are Cherlye, Isguerda and Katiana!

The three completed purses. Now only two more to finish! Perfect timing since next week is our last class before school starts again on October 4.

I had to include this picture. Here is Christine, a new MAF wife and a new friend for me! Also a great extra pair of hands during sewing classes. Between the two of us we actually figured out how to make the purse, which is a good thing, since we are teaching the class!

C’est la vie! I love being part of all this!

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  1. Wow, the girls did a great job with their bags and you're doing a great job teaching!