Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ants make me itchy!

Okay, so you might be getting tired of all the bug stories, but take a look at this!

This is our bath/shower! It was just cleaned yesterday, and gets cleaned every other day! I couldn't believe it when I saw this! Eww.. Just looking at them made me itchy, and on closer examination they looked like the biting kind! I sprayed the whole mass of them, but am a little leery of taking a shower from now on! Oww! I think some of them must have got me!


  1. Hopefully you don't have ants in your pants!

  2. Eww is right. And to think you clean this place every day. I think you should do more than cleaning then. You have to track where all these ants are coming from and destroy their colonies. Such a nasty sight, I’m feeling itchy just by looking at it.
    Jeffrey @ BugManiacs.com

  3. Oh my! That is very alarming. Maybe there are food particles stuck in between the tiles? That may be the only reason for it, or maybe there’s a vacant space between the tiles or a hollow on the walls where the pests store their food? You should actually get that checked. Have you? :)
    Richard LaValla