Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Library!

"Are you ready Jayden?" I ask, grabbing my keys from the counter. "I'm ready!" He replies grinning. I smile back when I see him standing in the middle of the playroom holding his Pooh backpack.

"Let me help you with your backpack and shoes," I tell him, and he nods. I slip his arms through the straps and then help him put on his crocks. We are going to help out at the library this afternoon and I'm excited.
It wasn't until recently that I even knew we had a library and now I'm looking forward to spending the afternoon there. A few minutes later we are out the door and bouncing along in the truck. Although it is a short drive, the last stretch of road right before the school, where the library is located, is terrible. The street is very narrow and it takes awhile for traffic to get through as big trucks push past us, forcing me to ease the truck as close to a nearby wall as I dare. Driving this stretch reminds me of the obstacle courses we would practice at school on our bikes, and if I remember correctly, completing obstacle courses was never one of my strengths. I frown in concentration as I fight to maneuver the truck over a deep chasm and then straight through a trash heap. At one point the crevasse in the road on my left is so deep, it feels like I might roll the truck. Sweating in the heat, since the A/C is broken, I crank my wheel to the right and slowly accelerate till I'm upright once again. It's a relief to finally see the school gate and a minute or so after I honk, the gate is rolled open by one of the guards. After helping Jayden out of his car seat and locking the truck up, we walk over to the library. It's a warm day and the skies are blue. I love the palm trees and flowering bushes and take a moment to soak it all in. Excited, as usual, Jayden runs ahead.

Since the library is on the second story of the building, we have to take the stairs. I hold Jayden's hand as we make our way up, since the steps slope downward and they're a little slippery too. Once we reach the top, I crack open the door and we slip inside. Air conditioning! I quickly close the door behind me, leaving the heat outside, and greet the other MAF wives who are helping out too. Julie White, a MAF wife as well, is the librarian, and since the earthquake had left the library completely disorganized and dusty she's asked for our help to dust and sort out books. As I work, I'm excited to find many of my favorite authors in the adult section. Julie assures me, that once school starts in a couple of weeks, I can get a library card and check out books! Jayden meanwhile has made his way over to the children section and is soon looking at books.

Jayden inherited his love for books from his mom, and he's excited about the library too!

I keep working in the adult section, one that everyone has been working on for quite awhile and am excited about all the books there.

Later on, once the adult section is mostly completed I head over to work in the children section.
As I wipe layers of dust off the books and help rearrange the shelves, I smile.

I love books, and I'm happy to see there is lots of books here for Jayden to chose from as well.


  1. WOW! a library, that is awesome!

  2. Libraries are wonderful! What sort of school is it?

  3. Have fun reading them

  4. It's an English speaking Christian school.

  5. Good for you Will. Now I know where you will spend your spare time. Jayden looks so invovled in his book.
    Give him a bid hug.Love Grandma

  6. Hey! That's a great place for you! Just don't go there and pick a book to read and not look up from it till way after dark... :-)

  7. What a wonderful find!! Have fun - our girls and I still love to go to the library!

  8. What a blessing!