Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Dada!

We haven’t heard from you at all in the last few days so Mommy thought I should write you a letter. First of all, as you already know, “I love you much”. You are the best Dada in the whole wide world! Mommy and I think you must be quite lonely without us, since we are the best Mommy and little boy you could ask for, but to help you feel less lonely I will tell you stories and show you pictures of us.

Since you’ve gone back home to Haiti, Mommy and I moved in by Oma and Opa Ter Haar. It is quite fun here, really! Oma and Opa are very nice and Doria (aka Gloria) is great too. Best of all, I think, is that they have three giant mimi’s. Here I’m supposed to call them kitty’s, but whatever! When Mommy brushes my teeth at night, the mimi’s sit and watch, they think it looks quite funny. Then Doria brushes the mimi’s teeth and I watch and laugh! I think that is funny!

I’ve been really good for Mom you know? I have naps every afternoon and go to sleep at 7:00 each night. When Mommy thinks I’m sleeping she sneaks off to go play with flowers at the greenhouse where she used to work at as a little girl.

She thinks I don’t know, but when she comes home at 9:30 and checks up on me I can smell flowers on her. Usually Mommy goes to bed around 11:00, pretty late I know, but when I hear her, I call her to come get me so I can snuggle in bed with her. I love snuggling in bed with Mom but the bed is always roasting hot because she turns the electric blanket on high! Then I complain until Mommy turns it off or lets me sleep on top of the blankets. Mommy says you don’t like electric blankets either. I totally agree with you on that one!

Each day I play with more and more cousins and I have lots of fun. I have so many here that I don’t know all their names yet but I am learning fast. My favourite girl is Kaelie, and Mommy tells me we were born only one day apart. I like to play with her and go to Auntie Sher’s house.

I also visited Tante Annedien’s house and played with her three boys!

They are so fun Dad, and they had this giant train set and all these railway tracks!

That night Tante Annedien made delicious lasagna for us and since lasagna is one of mine (and your) favourite meals I gobbled it down really fast. All the kids laughed but Mama was happy since she says I’ve hardly been eating enough to keep a mouse alive!

Yesterday, Whitney, Nathan and Tyler came to Oma’s house to play and I had fun with them too!

We played with cars and coloured pictures.

Today was really fun because Mommy took me shopping at the mall. When she was there she got this car for me to sit in that she could push around.

Normally I’m a little bit bad when Mommy goes shopping but today I was the best boy ever! Driving that car all around the mall was great fun. To keep her from buying almost anything I complained whenever the car stopped moving, so you should really be thanking me Dad! Mama also bought a yummy burger and fries at the food court for us to share and that was delicious!

On the way home from the mall I saw my first real train ever! Mommy took pictures so I could remember it forever!

The train was just like Thomas except way bigger and louder and it was going very fast! It was very exciting.

Anyway, I miss you Dada and love you much!

XOXO Jayden


  1. cute :) I hope that Jayden gets to see some 'real' snow yet!!

    Love, Henrietta

  2. Will, you have such an amazing talent at writing...I'm sure Jay will love it but I think it might make him miss you guys like crazy. So thankful for the Haitians that he's out there helping but realize it must be hard for you to be apart. Take care.
    Love Sandra

  3. Awww very cute! Jayden, you are being such a big boy for your mom!

  4. Hello Willemien & family,

    Since the earthquake I check up on your blog every now and then to see the news. Your blog was mentioned in one of the Dutch newspapers and that's how I learned about your blog. I absolutely love the way you write and I cry with you about all the lovely people you miss so badly and you want to help survive! Thanks for writing, it helps to realise how things are in Haiti and how to pray for the people and the relief work!
    Brenda Rietveld, Barneveld, the Netherlands

  5. Will, I LOVE your stories!!!!!!!

    Jayden, you make sure you keep Dada up to date, that way we all know what you guys are up to! It makes an ordinary day seem such a treat!