Monday, February 15, 2010

A Thank You Letter

For those faithful blog readers who have been with us right from the start you will remember Anse Rouge, a town in North Western Haiti, but to those who are new to our stories here, you can check back and read the blog entries on December 11, 2009 "Help for Anse Rouge" and January 8, 2010, simply titled "Anse Rouge". Although not affected by the earthquake itself, this desert like town is suffering from a severe drought. With permission from the author, I would like to share a letter and pictures she recently emailed us about MAF's work there.

Dear Jason and MAF administration,

Last week, Manis went to the “maka” a large hole for catching rain water. A group of about 15 men were hard at work, doing the entire thing by hand. When he came back he said, “Gigi, this waterhole is going to be the most important thing we do. It will serve the entire community, but we need to pray. I only have food for the rest of this week.”
Around 1:00 Manis went for a rest and Judy and I were working in the office. Suddenly we heard the sound of an airplane. I went outside to find the Kodiak, making a circle overhead. Soon Jason and Harry were on the ground with a huge surprise for us, tons of buckets for filtering water and FOOD. The very same food that we use in the food-for-work program. The next day the Kodiak returned, this time with more food. A third time the plane returned. The blessing they brought was food, water and medical supplies.
As the men digging the maka gathered to get their bucket and food, Manis told them that we never asked the plane to come and in fact had no idea that Jason had received these supplies. Before Manis could go on one of the men said, “Manis, God has sent a blessing.” Manis was able to share how God cared about this maka and about each of them personally. The food will enable the work to go on for several more weeks.
This morning I took some of the Lemuel staff and went up to the local clinic. I told the nurse that God had blessed us and we wanted to share that blessing with her. As I unpacked the boxes, her excitement was evidenced in huge smiles and teary eyes. She said, “Oh, I will be able to help so many people”.
For years, we have expressed to you our deep thanks for our Haiti MAF pilots. But they have gone above and beyond during this present crisis. We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Harry and David who have come in to fly the Kodiak.
Jason as you receive this to send on to your home office, I want to express to you our deepest thanks for remembering the needs of the plateau and for the special care boxes that brought smiles to a group of tired people ministering here. It warmed my heart to see Manis’ smile when he saw the Doritos. A small gift, but huge blessing. Thank you so much.
We have enclosed some pictures for you to see the joy that God has brought to the plateau through the faithful servants at MAF.
Thank you so much
Ginger Muchmore


  1. Dear Jason,

    It is heartwarming to read the appreciation you're getting for your hard work. We are so thankful that you and the rest of the team are such a blessing to the needy in Haiti. Thanks so much for the updates! You are in our prayers daily!

  2. What a great story this is! Goes to show again that God hears AND answers prayer.

    God bless you Jason as you continue to help the people in Haiti!

  3. Dear Jason,
    It has been a real blessing to see your dedication to the people in Haiti. It's been nice to keep up with your work with your blog. Keep up the good work, and I'm sure Wil and Jaydon will be happy to see you come home in due time.

  4. Hallo fam. Krul...

    Ik heb een vraagje over je blogs, zou je me wel willen mailen?

    Alvast bijvoorbaat dank!