Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello All -

Here is a link to our photo gallery with over 120 photos.



  1. I'm overwhelmed. I'm at a loss for words. My family continues to pray - Dear Lord, protect this family and lay your blessings on what is left of their journey out of Haiti.

    Love your family in Christ.

  2. Have been praying for your family. Such a relief to see that last photo. Wishing you peace and rest. Thank you for serving God at a most difficult time. You are heroes to us.

  3. We have been praying for you and the rest of the team. We will continue to do so as God leads you in the next phase of your journey. Thank you for posting your experiances and keeping us informed. It has helped me emensly to have a feel for what people are going through there in Haiti. Indeed the last picture speaks volumes and brought tears of joy and relief to my eyes. Is Jason taking the pictures? I am wondering how you posted on your blog with phones and internt out? Did all the MAF wifes and childern come to FL. on the flight?

  4. Will, Jason, and Jayden, we were so happy to hear that you had made it safely to Florida. Looking forward to you being back in Chilliwack soon! Your pictures definitely show the devastion in Haiti. We thank God for keeping you safe and continue to pray for the people in Haiti who are facing so much destruction. Love, Mark and Christa

  5. Dear Jason, Willemien and Jayden,
    How very relieved we are that you may arrive in Florida, after such a very trying time in your beloved Haiti. Thank you for telling us your experiences in such a very touching way. There has been a lot of prayer for you as a family, the other MAF workers, and those poor,poor people you had to leave behind. The Lord has shown His great care, not by keeping danger from you, but by sparing you in the midst of it. Hope He will bring you safely home next week D.V.
    Kind regards and love, from,
    Peter and Christina Kerkhoff and family.

  6. Your photos speak volumes... and they're all equally overwhelming! So unreal to see such clear images, thanks for posting them. I hope you can rest a bit while you're in Florida. We'll keep you and Haiti in our prayers.

  7. Thank you for sharing all your photos! Totally unbelievable! We are really glad that you are safe again. You remain in our prayers.
    With love
    Caryl and your friends in South Africa

  8. From my business trip to Cape Town South Africa, seeing your pictures and reading what seems like fiction but is a indescribable fact of life for yourselfs. I only can cry when I see read about this courage displayed by yourselfes. Please bear in mind that your tears are in His heavenly jar and the unknown answers to our questions are safe in His presence.

    From my hotelroom I can see the mountains and become painfully aware that life can change in a second for all of us.

    May His comfort surround you, in the awareness that He will take care for all practical stuff as well.

    God bless,


  9. Dear Krul-family,
    On the Dutch newssite I read your stories about the terrible disaster in Haiti. I support you in my heart and prayers. May God be with you and bless you!

  10. Hello Jason and Wilhelmina,We in MAF Uganda are praying for you. I can't get you off my mind! The office took out time yesterday to have a prayermeeting.
    Josiah, our 7 year old broke his arm and got help within hours. The people in Haiti are dying because it is impossible to help. I can't imagine the agony!
    Love and prayers,

  11. Willemien Jason Jayden

    Very impressing, de fotoos.
    We zijn blij dat jullie in Florida zijn en misschien nu al in Chilliwack.
    Veel sterkte met het verwerken van dit alles.
    Margreet Arie

  12. I really don't know what to comment on pictures like these. Thankfully you were spared through all this! Please don't be afraid to cry when you start realizing what you have been through; it is a good thing to let your emotions out. May God give you all the strength you need to deal with this. Love, Mary.

  13. Dear Willemien, Jason and Jayden,

    We wish you peace and rest and are very thankful that you are in Florida now. We continue to pray for you and the people in Haiti.
    We hope you will have a good journey to Canada.
    Gerco and Pieta.