Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Information Meeting #2

Hello Everyone

Just wanted to let you know we arrived safely in Chilliwack, BC, our home town, last night. Although our hearts are still in Haiti, it is nice to be here! For all those interested, we hope to have another Earthquake Information Meeting where we hope to share pictures and stories of our experiences and the relief efforts MAF is currently involved in. The Lord willing, it will be held this Saturday, January 23, at 7:00 p.m. at the Free Reformed Church of Chilliwack, 5471 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC, V2R 3Z8.


  1. God bless you richly, give you strength and be a blessing to all who attend. Thankful that you can be with you parents and family and then be refreshed to go forth in God's work!

  2. Awesome guys. Enjoy your time off. We continue in prayer for you three. Tank up on Timmies while you can :) Arjan and Betty.

    p.s Thanks for the informative evening in Jordan Station and it was great meeting you. God Bless.

  3. Rats! I have to work this weekend in Everett or I'd be there. Just got cleared to go to Haiti for Feb 5-12 trip via Cap so will miss you there too.
    Have a great rest break with family and friends. May the Lord truely renew your strength and stamina for the next round. Nou va we ken mem. Amba zel Li.
    Paul H

  4. Thank you for your presentation tonight! May God bless the work you have done in Haiti and hope to continue to do!

  5. Hello Jay & Wil,
    We also really appreciated your presentation on saturday night, and it was good to see such a nice turn-out. We continue to follow the stories on the news and some of the other blogs of Haiti relief teams, and can feel your anxiety to get back there! Great stories in the Chilliwack papers too! We pray that God's people will be aroused to pray without ceasing that this earthquake would make all of Haiti run to Jesus, with increased faith in the God they sing of. God bless you with renewed health and energy!

  6. Een vriend attendeerde me op jullie site. Vooral Haiti erg actueel natuurlijk. Ik deed hier in NL jarenlang presentatiewerk voor de MAF en vloog oa met Martijn den OS (nu Indonesie dacht ik). Jullie foto's zijn geweldig en geven een leuke indruk. Als propfan wordt ik wel warm van het feit dat er daar nog een DC3 en 6 in gebruik zijn. Succes met alles en bless! gr Jan-Jaap Bats