Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm 2!

Hi, my name is Jayden and I turned 2 on Saturday. I woke up very early on the day of my birthday, but Mommy said I had to wait to open my presents because Daddy was still sleeping. It was really hard to wait, but Saturday is his only chance to sleep in a little, so wait I did. To keep me busy Mom made pancakes for me. They were yummy! As soon as Daddy woke up I got my first present. It was in a big white box, I could hardly wait to open it! I was very excited when I saw it was a beautiful red tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa Krul. It is soo nice! I love it! Mommy even let me take a little ride inside before we took it outside. It didn't take me long to figure out that you push the pedals with your feet to move and turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to go! Wee, I was off in no time!

I got other presents too! From my great Grandma, Oma Krul, I got some little cars and planes. I liked those a lot too. I can make all kinds of car and truck noises and it's fun to drive them all around the house.
Mommy and Daddy said they had a present for me too, but we had to go in the car to pick it up, so at 10 o'clock off we went. I was a little tired, because I normally have my nap then, but birthdays are special, Mommy said, so I didn't have to sleep.
After what seemed like forever, the car finally stopped and we got out. I recognized the place right away. We were at the Baptist Mission, a place I love to go!
We visited the petting zoo, bought some yummy bread at the bakery and then had lunch at the little restaurant there. We all shared a big burger, chicken nuggets, fries, a milk shake and pop. It was very good. But the biggest, happiest, surprise came after lunch when Mommy and Daddy took me back to the petting zoo and let me pick out two bunnies. Mommy thought one was just fine, but Daddy said that one might get lonely so I was allowed to pick out two!! I was so excited!! I kept running back and forth and jumping up and down! I couldn't believe we were allowed to take them home! Mommy had brought some celery sticks with her and she even let me feed them. They are so cute and soft! I call them "mimi's", but Mom is teaching me to say "bunnies" because a mimi in Creole actually means "cat". When we got home, we made sure the bunnies were safe and comfortable and then Mommy put me to bed. I was so tired I fell asleep right away. While I slept, I couldn't help but dream about shiny red tricycles, and soft little bunny rabbits.


  1. Happy Birthday Jayden!!

    love Sarah and Leonard

  2. Happy 2nd birthday Jayden.
    Wishing you the Lord's blessing and care for an other year, and that you may be spared for us all. We hope to celebrate your birthday when we come over and take you out for a nice supper. I'm glad you like your bike. Hopefully by the time we get there you will be able to ride your bike really good.
    Love grampa and gramma Krul

  3. Happy Birthday Jayden! I really like your bunnies. They are cute! I hope you have lots of fun riding your new bike!

    Love, Analyn

  4. I love your bunnies! I wish my mom and dad would let me have a bunny. My mom says that maybe when I am older I can have one, but I am already 2! You can ride your bike already?! Tais tries to teach me, but it is much easier to just push with your feet. I like your tricycle very much. Do you share it with your friends?
    Love Kaelie

  5. Jayden, can I come pet your bunnies? Do they make any noises? Do they run away?
    I really like your bike too. Did you teach yourself how to drive it? I try to teach Kaelie, but she doesn't listen to me.
    Love Tais

  6. Hi Jayden... we knew it was your birthday on Saturday because our mommy told us you would be two. We can't remember when we were two, but our mommy says she does, and that we are growing up way to fast. Whatever! Your bike looks very cool, we like pink better though, and we just got a free bike from our Oma's neighbour man, so now we can both ride together (now that our daddy finally fixed the flat tire it had!) Anyway, what we really like too is your little bunny rabbits... did you give them a name yet? We also have a bunny rabbit in our back yard (he's pretty cute) except Mom threw our ball at it the other day because it has been eating her pretty flowers. The next day it was digging two holes in our lawn and Mom went out there to chase it out of our yard. She sure looked funny clapping her hands at it and chasing it around. Oh well, have fun and be good for your mommy!
    Love Gemma and Carlye

  7. wow such cute photos!! Happy Birthday Jayden, so sad I've missed both of them now!! Love your presents, and i'm sure you do to!

    Miss you

    Love Natalie