Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Did I say they make a mess??? Denise and I clean out all the kitchen cupboards once a week. Here is what we swept out of one cupboard..

Let me see. This bowl will work well for a salad...

Baggy anyone??

10:48 p.m.
I pull the handkerchief tightly around my nose and mouth and edge my way towards the nearest empty cupboard.

All our food has now been packed away in rubber maids and sealed and the cupboards are bare. I take a deep breath and then begin to spray. This stuff is toxic poison and I move as quickly as possible. Minutes later I've sprayed down all the empty cupboards and shelves, and make a dash for the door. I slam it shut and then take a minute to take a few clean breaths of air. When I feel better I find a towel and cover the crack under the kitchen door. I don't want those fumes to invade the rest of our home and I definitely don't want to breath in poison as I sleep.

7:30 a.m. (the following morning)
I open all the kitchen windows and plug in the fans to get the air moving. Then I get to work cleaning up all the dead roaches and ants. Denise and I wipe down all the cupboards and shelves again and then once everything is clean we put everything back in the cupboards. All though we've wiped down the cupboards, apparently the spray is effective for 6 months.
The first battle is won, or is it?? Denise reports that all the remaining cockroaches have migrated to her kitchen which is adjacent to mine. When she is finished making meals for the day we hope to clean her kitchen out and spray it down as well.. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Love that hankie! it's all about accessorizing! Glad you won the first battle!

  2. Poor insects! This biologist needs to remind everyone to the fact that these are beautiful creatures if you take a close look at them! But still.. they shouldn't be living in kitchens. Too bad there's no other way to keep/get them out.
    Love, Mary