Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The trip back.

I struggle to stay focused, but black and grey spots keep dancing in front of my eyes in crazy patterns, blurring my vision. It's 2:00 a.m. and I'm on Air Canada flight 905, 35,000 feet up, on route to Montreal. Jayden is sound asleep in my arms, his warm body pressing against mine, but I don't think it's just his warmth that makes me feel like I'm burning up. I close my eyes tightly and hunch over him as much as I can in hopes that the feelings of nausea and dizziness pass. As I close my eyes the events of the last two weeks race like a freight train through my brain. The long flight to Canada, my packed schedule and the late nights. I really loved seeing everyone and doing everything, but it sure was a lot to pack into two weeks. Today had been especially busy, so busy in fact that I had less than an hour to pack two suitcases. With the amount of things I had received and purchased I easily could have packed four suitcases, so it took some time to decide what I wanted to take now and what could wait for two months when Jasons' parents came to visit. In the process I was not nearly as organized as I normally am. I didn't have time to make lists or even double check what I did so I had made some stupid mistakes. I had forgotten to check the bathroom, so now I had left my glasses and contact solution behind. What was even sillier was the fact that I hadn't put any diapers for Jayden in my back pack. 10 minutes before boarding, I smelled something really bad and sure enough he was really dirty. Embarrassed, I had to go on a hunt for someone else with a baby and was finally able to get a diaper. Unfortunately it was only a size 3, Jayden wears size 5, but it was sure better than the other alternative, making a diaper out of the extra T-shirt I had brought for him. I'm sure that wouldn't have been exactly leak proof! Although it was now after 2:00 a.m. I hadn't been able to fall asleep either and I could feel my body starting to rebel.
I open my eyes again in hopes that I can focus now, but the grey and black spots are still clouding my vision. The airplane is dark too, and almost everyone is sleeping. My brain feels fuzzy and it's getting harder and harder to think straight, but I have to do something. The girl across the aisle from me who I'd made friends with earlier is fast asleep, her little baby lying contentedly on her chest. So, instead I turn to the French man beside me. He startles when I tap him on his shoulder. "Can you call a stewardess", I groan, "I feel like I'm going to faint". He doesn't hear me at first, so now frantically I repeat my question. I feel like it won't be long before I completely black out, and I fight the waves of dizziness that try to overcome me. The French man half rises, trying to see if perhaps he can find a stewardess, but none are in sight. "The button", I whisper, "just push the button". I can't stand up to push it, so fortunately he understands and pushes it for me. Two stewardesses are instantly at my side. "I'm going to faint", I whisper. One immediately grabs Jayden off my lap, who instantly wakes up. "Mama baby", he whimpers (which can be translated, Mama , I'm your baby, how could you possibly think of letting some strange people hold me?)(he said this a lot in the last two weeks) "MAMA BABY!" His cries become louder. As soon as he's gone I pull my tray table down, lay my head down and wiggle out of my jacket. I'm so hot. "Water,"I whisper. The stewardess returns seconds later with water and an ice pack, which she places on the back of my neck. Unfortunately, the ice pack has a leak and a minute later I feel ice cold water trickling down my neck. I start to tremble, I'm suddenly freezing . Noticing the drip, the stewardess thankfully goes and gets me a different one. Everyone around me is now awake and I feel many a sympathetic stare. I'm so embarrassed, I almost wish I could just disappear through the floor, but then I'd either be stuck in the freezing cold baggage compartment, or free falling through the sky, without a parachute . Nope, I guess I'd better stay where I am.. Thankfully with the help of the ice pack and the glass of water, I slowly start feeling better. The nausea passes as well. I slowly sit back up, and the stewardess comes back with apples slices and two chocolate chip cookies. "When was the last time you ate?", she asks At first I can't remember, my brain is to fuzzy, but then I remember I did have dinner at 5:30. However I had been busy feeding Jayden, and on the phone figuring out if my flight was on time, so I hadn't eaten much. The apple and the chocolate chip cookies taste good, so I eat all of it. I'm really feeling more like myself now, so I ask for Jayden back. He's happy to see me and holds me tightly, as if to say, I'm not letting you give me away again! I still can't sleep, but at least I feel better now. Two hours later we arrive at the Montreal airport. Although it's only 4:30 a.m. for us, it's 7:30 a.m. local time so Jayden and I go have breakfast at Tim Hortons. Three hours later we board our next flight. Now we are on route to Port-au-Prince. This time the airplane has some empty seats so I move to a different spot with Jayden where he can have a seat too. He instantly falls asleep and I'm able to doze off for a bit too. I use his mimi (a stuffed animal) as my pillow. At 2:20 p.m. local time we arrive in Port-au-Prince. The airplane felt cold, so the warmth feels good. Jason is even able to walk right onto the tarmac to greet us. It's sure nice to see him again. As we drive home and I see all the familiar sights, I can't help but smile. It's nice to be back.


  1. o will, that sounds terrible! I'm glad you're there safely now though and hope you're feeling better! i'm glad you decided to stay where you were intead of sinking through that floor!! :)

  2. Hey Will,
    wow! you went through so much to come to our wedding! I'm soooo happy you did tho! It was really good seeing you and Jayden again, we'll miss you lots! Hopefully, one day Michael can meet Jason. I hope everything is going alright in Haiti. We're praying for you!
    Love Michael and Chantelle

  3. Hi Will,
    So glad to hear that you`re safely back with Jason. I think you are very brave to do all that flying with a little one in tow. It was nice chatting with you at Chantelle`s shower! Take care. Keeping you in my prayers,

  4. Hey Will

    Just now finished reading your blog, all about your trip. You are so brave! How do you do it? I can totally see why the lady thought the thoughts, you probably did look very young to be travelling with a baby all by yourself. Little did she know how strong you actually are! Take care, thinking of you all, love Henry and Jenny