Friday, May 15, 2009

Safety in the storm

I stare out the window as ominous clouds roll in. Although the sun is still out, it now illuminates the world with a strange golden glow. The wind is starting to pick up too. It's 5:00 p.m. and Jason still isn't home. I'm starting to get worried. He's never home this late. Too bad I can't call him. Among the things I left in Canada was my cell phone. I had brought it with me so I could check the time while I was traveling, since I didn't have a watch. When I arrived in Canada I had retired it to my night stand drawer, and had forgotten to check there in my rush to pack. Since we didn't have a home phone, I had no other way of contacting Jason. " A tropical storm is definitely on its way in, I really hope he's not flying", I say to Jayden, who is playing with the Tupperware on the floor as I prepare dinner. He looks up, but doesn't respond, to intent on seeing how many bottle caps fit in Jason's water bottle. I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance. All I can do now is pray. All things are in God's hands and I pray that He will provide safety and protection for Jason. Not even ten minutes later I hear the welcoming honking of a car horn by our gate. Sure enough, Jason is back. Just as he walks through the door the sky opens and torrential rains come down. The sound is almost deafening on our tin roof. Together we walk to the window and gaze in awe at the extreme force of the storm. I silently thank God for bringing Jason home safely before the storm. Our God truly is an Awesome God.

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