Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick Update

Hello All!

Sorry for the delay! Just for a quick update, we are all doing well here and have adjusted to the city life in Haiti. Every day is full of new surprises and challenges, but the Lord has provided for our every need. Will's parents as well as her sister arrived last week for a 10 day visit. It was really nice to see them again - as well as all of the gifts that they brought along! Thanks everyone! We have been spending a little time showing them around Haiti, and today they are on a MAF flight into Hinche to see what that's like. We hope to post another update shortly, so keep checking! We also have a newsletter coming out this week.


~The Krul's~

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  1. Hi... I think I saw your husband doing touch and goes at the Pignon Airport last Thursday while we were standing under the wing of MFI's DC3. I was hoping to meet you guys while I was there but you moved just before I came down.