Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Around our house in Pignon

Here's a short clip of Will playing with some Haitian kids around our house in Pignon.

Our house in Pignon

Will in front of the gazebo where we can study in the shade!

The Edgerton Family's house (across from ours)


  1. Hello!
    Very nice, all those pictures and clips you posted! I also enjoy your writing very much!
    I’m glad you all recovered and I hope you stay healthy now!
    We certainly did get our snow! But it melted in three days or so. Today we had some snow again. It’s really nice to go to the highest floor of my University and look out over white Amsterdam!
    Maybe you should have taken some ‘donkeyback’ riding lessons back home. I’ll think of you when riding on my horse through the woods tomorrow. Too bad it’ll be cold here and no palm trees will be around. :-) Am I ever glad I don’t have to walk 2 hours for an internet connection! Those roads look fine in dry weather, but I wonder what they’ll look like after some heavy rain!
    Will, I’m happy to see you’re still wearing pink or light blue on all pictures, as that’s the way I remember you! It’s fun some things never seem to change. :-)
    Well… I need to return to creating my Sinterklaas surprise and poem. I hope you Dutch-Canadian-Haitians still know what ‘Sinterklaas’ and ‘pepernoten’ are. Otherwise: you really don’t know what you’re missing! ;-)
    Orevwa! Love, Mary

  2. Dear Wil & Jay!

    Finally a comment from us! Long overdue. Your dad keeps us posted, of course, and we are glad to hear that you are recovering from your bout with Malaria. And so the Lord is testing your commitment to serving Him in Haiti early on. However, also this must work together for your spiritual good, and the God who has called you to this work will continue to prove Himself faithful in whatever circumstances you will find yourself.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily!

    The Elshouts

  3. Hi Jay and Will

    Nice to see a little of your surroundings on a short video clip, since 22 seconds of video, only took me about 3 minutes to download with my dial up connection!!! Ron said the same thing as 'Marin' above did... Will is still wearing pink!!! Nice to be able to see a little bit of how it's laid out there in Pignon, and Jay, Ron wants to be able to talk to you the next time, he couldn't believe we hung up without him at least saying hi!! Oops! Anyway, better get the day started, Gemma just got on the bus, and we just wanted to say hi quickly first! Have a great day!

    Love Ron, Anita, and girls

  4. hey!
    how are you guys doing? I heard bout the whole or deal about not having internet axcess when you walked to the school. That must have not been fun! I heard from mom that you guys then were tooken to another place and it also didnt work there. Well i guess all you can say is welcome to haiti! I'm really looking forward to coming out there in the summer! it'll be quite the experince! and i sooo can't wait to see jayden! ive been missing him sooo much! its alot quieter without him! :( Hows the weather out there... let me guess, really nice and warm!! :) Here its just raining, but on Friday and Saturday we're suposed to get snow :D!! but I'd almost rather the warm weather than snow! But I should go, hope to hear from you guys really soon!! cuz we're missing you guys soo much! and things arent the same without you guys! love you TONS and give Jayden a big hug for me ok?
    <3 esther

  5. Opa en Oma ter HaarDecember 8, 2008 at 6:39 AM

    De kaart voor Willemiens verjaardag is onderweg, ik ben benieuwd of die aan komt! Ik heb jullie foto's gezien, daar ben ik heel blij mee. Het valt me allemaal heel erg mee, hoe het er bij jullie uit ziet... het huis ziet er zo goed verzorgd uit, en zo. Leuk om Jayden zo te zien tussen al die donkere kindertjes.
    Opa en Oma

  6. 1) Hi Marin! Glad you liked all our pictures and that you enjoy the stories. Snow? That just seems like a long ago memory. The weather is and continues to be beautiful here everyday. Not to hot and not to cold. And yes, I still wear pink and blue!
    2)Nice to hear from you Pastor, Mrs. and Sarah! God is proving himself faithful even in the smallest details of our lives. We have learned that without Him we can do nothing, but with God all things are possible!
    3) Hi Anita! Tell Ron we will call him for his birthday! I'm glad that you liked the video clip and that you were able to watch it! Enjoy your day!
    4)Hi Esther! So your coming this summer hey? That will be so cool! I miss you lots too. I like reading your long comments. Sounds just like your talking! To bad blog comments don't have spell check! jk ;)
    5)Hallo Oma en Opa! Ik wist niet dat U ook kon type Oma? :) Sorry dat my Hollandse spelling so slecht is. Echt leuk om wat van jullie to horen. Ik zal het wel laten to weten of ik de kaart krij. Al vast hartelijk bedankt. Veel liefs Jason, Willemien & Jayden.