Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Early Morning Visitor!

I roll over sleepily and pop open one eye. Suddenly both eyes pop open! What was that? Out of the corner of my eye I see something big and creepy. Very slowly , so as not to disturb our visitor, I turn over and nudge Jason. “What?” He mumbles sleepily. “Wake up!” I whisper. He sits up in bed and I point at the large, black, hairy intruder. ‘Gross,” he says. Some how the spider had crawled its way into our mosquito net while we were sleeping. I shiver. “What if my mouth was open while I was sleeping? Eww.. "Get a towel", Jason whispers. He’s been married to me long enough, and knows how I feel about killing little creatures. I carefully move the mosquito net aside and slip out of bed. I grab the nearest towel off of another bunk bed in the room and fearfully make my way back to the bed. Spiders don’t bother me so much normally, but this one in our bed is pretty freaky. I wrap the towel around my hand and inch forward. Wham, the towel covers the spider and I close my hand around it, then I dash for the door. Morning is dawning, so there is enough light to see. I shake out the towel. I missed it! The spider is nowhere to be found. I run back to our room. “It got away, Jay.” He had been laying down, supposing the spider was gone, but when he heard it wasn’t he immediately sat bolt upright. “Are you sure?” he says. “Yes, it wasn’t in the towel.” He crawls back out of bed and we go hunting. Finally I see it behind a rubbermaid container. “There it is.” “Are you going to try catch it again?” Jason questions. “No way!” I said,” "I’m going to get the skeeter beater. I’m not taking any more chances!” I stumble into the kitchen and find the fly swatter. “I wouldn’t use that,” Jason says. Jayden sticks that thing in his mouth. “What are we going to use then,” I wonder aloud. “How about a clothes hanger, Jason says. He reaches for one and squeamishly walks towards the spider. “Where did it go now?” I gingerly flip over the Rubbermaid and seconds later uncover its hiding spot in the lid. There it is! Wham, Jason got it this time. We drag the Rubbermaid outside and using several napkins clean up the wet, juicy mess on the inside of the lid. Then I bury the spider, so Jayden won’t pop it in his mouth when he goes exploring tomorrow morning. Poor thing!
That begins another buggy morning in Pignon.


  1. The mental picture we are getting is too funny. We can just picture you two tippytoeing around the room trying to nab this guy. Just how big was this thing anyway? We see you haven't changed your stripes on the subject of bugs and creepycrawlies. Can't say I blame you really. How do you know there weren't two and that your mouth wasn't open? Just something to think about Will (and Jay for that matter).

    Love Anita and girls

    PS. Ron got a real kick out of Jayden eating goat "droppies". He says he remembers all those crazy things Jay used to do, although I'm sure there were no goat "droppies" laying around Mom and Dad's yard! Yuck!

  2. Dear Jay Will & Jayden
    Boy oh boy, did I every have to have a good laugh while I was reading through your story. By the sounds of it, it must of been a tranulua. Please put your fly swatter up high so Jayden can't get a hold of it. Did you end up waking Jayden up? I think I would try to keep my mouth closed all night or sleep on your tummy so those spider don't just drop into your mouth. I think I'm having second thoughts of coming out because you know that I just Hate!!!!!! spiders. Dad was very surprised to have Jason on skype yesterday, what a tease saying that he was catching a flight to Domiacan. I also really enjoyed your newsletter. I just had Oma den Hertog on the phone and she had just read your blog and also said she loved it and what a corruption in the country. Give Jayden a big hug and kisses, and hope to see him on skype in the Christmas when you are back at Port-a Prince.
    Love Mom and Dad

  3. oh maybe we can see you on skype too... since we'll be there. We'd love it... can't do that with dial up!!! love Anita

  4. Hi again;

    I'm not as brave as you Will, I would have whacked that thing with a shoe or something right away. I don't think it would be "wrong" for you to kill that thing!
    Take care, God bless.
    Love Jenny