Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Update

I can't believe May is already half over! Time is going so fast. A lot has transpired since our last update.

Exactly one month ago today, Jason turned 30. Friends of ours who were visiting from Chilliwack took us out to dinner, which was really nice.

Another birthday we celebrated was Sabboule's. He turned 8 on May 3.

He made sure that his Mom, Denise, reminded me, so I wouldn't forget about baking cake and wrapping a gift for him! We will really miss them.

Besides Jason's regular flying for MAF, both him and I have been busy connecting friends, business owners and other organizations to projects on the ground here in Haiti.

We love this kind of work and are excited to being doing it with Hungry for Life in the near future, God willing.

One of the missions I've been assessing has a school in a large tent city. It was sad to see and hear how often these children that attend the school go without any food.

The founders of the school said that some days the kids cry from hunger. My hope is that another organization that I know that specializes in feeding school children can come alongside them and help out. Our role is to play connector, which is both challenging and rewarding!

Also this past month, we made a short trip to Florida. It was kind of unexpected, but when we had the opportunity to use a soon expiring airline voucher, we took it. Who says no to a free trip right?

 It felt weird though, as usual, bouncing between our two very different worlds.

But we did have a nice time! We drove on freeways, ate fast food, shopped at Walmart, and spent a little time at the beach and pool.

As an extra special treat, we took the boys to Animal Kingdom, which was amazing!

I was very relieved to see how well Alexander traveled! Especially with all the traveling we plan to do this summer as we visit supporters and speak in various churches across Canada and the United States.

Although he already knows how to walk on his own and loves the freedom of being able to go wherever he wants, he was also perfectly content to just hang out in his carseat. 

At night we soaked in fabulous sunsets and even caught sight of the occasional firework, all which I tried to document on camera of course!

Now our departure date is looming on the horizon. With less than two months left in Haiti we have one final team coming next week before it's time to sell or give away most of our earthly possessions, pack what's left in a few suitcases and say goodbye. The last one; that's the tough one.

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  1. yep, the last one is the hardest and they will always remain part of your heart! Praying for you as you go thru this season.