Monday, February 2, 2015

Team Journal 1

Friday, January 30
Photos courtesy of Carla N.

Beautiful sunrise on the flight from Seattle to Miami.

Sun reflecting on a jet stream.

Golden colours.



First glimpses of Haiti.

On the ground.

"The drive there was silent. Eyes taking in every ragged building, dusty street and rocky road. In stark contrast were the clean clothes and shiny shoes." Courtney S.

"Got to Jason and Will's house and fairly quickly left for Baptist Mission area. Jason took half of us and Will took the rest of us. Extremely rough terrain for roads and extremely steep inclines. Will wasn't sure we would make it and did stall out once." Eric K.

Outside of the Baptist Mission there were many vendors trying to sell souvenirs.

"It was difficult trying to buy souvenirs because we felt bad for the vendors but did not want to pay the high prices they were asking. I ended up bartering for the price and then giving a little extra on top of it to help them out." Arianne J.

Some of the sights on the drive back to Jason and Will's house.

"Came back to Jay and Will's and played a bit with their three kids; Jayden, Justin and Alexander. We also played soccer with the little neighbour kids." Courtney S.

"Had supper - buns and meat stew. Was good! Debriefed, devotions, and discussed highs and lows of the day." Eric K.

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  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing!!! Looks like an amazing time!